Thursday, August 26, 2010

All around the dinner table

One of my best memories of growing up was always the family meals. I can barey recall a night where we all weren't around the dinner table, TV off, in our respective chairs (did you have a specific chair at the table?) and talking about family stuff and sharing stories of our days. 

Dinner has turned into one of my most favorite times of day. I love cooking a meal for loved ones (the Hubs may argue I am trying to fatten him up...But hey I am living up to my wifely duties! and preparing his meals!). Whether it is a big production for a feast on a Sunday, for a dinner party with friends or just easy weeknight meals. To me there is something satisfying about eating at home. Home cooked food. 

So I thought I would share some of my favorite easy weeknight meals. My go to week night meals are nothing fancy, and dare I use the term semi-home made - I really despise that word! Hey I use a little help where I can! **Key word above EASY!!!! These are my quick, simple go to meals. After a long day at work, and then the gym (if I made it!LOL) I still want to eat something tasty and healthy! 

- Homemade Pizza: 
[What you need: Ready-made Dough -I get mine from Trader Joe's or Whole foods. Sauce - Marinara from a jar works great! Toppings - Whatever you like, we are extra cheesy with pepperoni folks - as in the photo. And I like to pile fresh spinach on top when it comes out of the oven - its adds a freshness and crunch!! And don't forget shaved parmesan on top too!]

Three main ingredients and voila deliciousness! I cook mine on a pizza stone at 375 for about 20-25 mins. 

- Grilled Chicken and fixings: 
This is probably one of the most common meals we...ahem I make during the week - the sides change each time, also I switch up the seasonings on the chicken. Below is Grilled Chicken served over pesto pasta, with a simple side salad. 

[What you need for this meal: 1 Pack of chicken tenders - rinse and then season with italian herds, Lawry's, S&P, Oregano, and olive oil then grill. 1/2 box of pasta (any kind, cook as directed), Pre-made Pesto - when pasta is done return to pot and cover with sauce. Salad - last night I had romaine and spinach on hand, chopped up and drizzled EVOO, Balsamic and a few cracks of black pepper]

Pretty Basic Right? Very quick, start to table around 30mins tops! We also do chicken with brown rice (Frozen from Trader Joes is my fav!) and steamed broccoli or chicken/brown rice and grilled zucchini. catching my drift right??? Meals don't have to be hard to be good!!! Promise. 

What are your go-to week night meals??? Do you have favorite quick meals? Share, I love adding more to the mix! 

I enjoy cooking so I love to share - Do you want more step by step? Or more 'inspiration' quick posts? Let me know - this bloggity thing is part collaboration you know?! 


  1. Look at you! Forget Luke cooking for us... YOU will be the chef!

  2. Yum Taylor! I want to eat dinner at your house!!!


  3. Taylor these all sound amazing!!! I definitely have some go to dinners. Turkey chili which I can have for two nights during the week. Salmon with pesto, baked tomatoes topped with the pesto and quinoa,chicken creole, whole wheat linguine primavera, and sometimes a little meze with olives, cheeses, artichokes and whatever else I happen to have in the house. I love the variety.

    Oh and I so had my own chair growing up :)

    Hope you're having a great week!

  4. These all look great! If I were to cook, I'd definitely use these go-to dinners! Plus, we totally had our own chairs growing up. In fact, we still sorta do for Thanksgiving and such.

  5. love this post , I wish I would cook more at home my husband and I love eating out grrr I cook every monday & Wed but its just cooking for two =)

    I'm going to try doing that pizza yumm

  6. All looks amazing! Always looking for new recipes to cook for the hubs. Thanks T!

  7. This looks so good!!! Yum! I'm hungry now!

  8. THis looks sooo good. I'm stealing the recipes! haha I need to start finding some good quick meals. I'm stuck in a tilapia rut lol.


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