Tuesday, August 31, 2010

OOTD: Hotter than a chile!

The weekend the temps crept up quite high!! Everywhere you went you could hear over here people talking (aka bitchin 'n moanin!) bout how dang hot it was 93+...not gonna lie I LOVED IT!!!! It was hot..hotter than a chile! ;)

I love the summer, and the heat!!! (Good lord what I wouldn't do for a day at the beach. Yes there are beaches here, but to a born and bread Cali girl- and a beach has an OCEAN! and saltwater and and and... it is not the same!!!)

Alas I consoled myself Sunday in AC'ed stores strolling around town with Mom! ;)

{Linen Pants - supaaah old from Guess, back in the day when I worked there aka college! Black Tube Top - Free People, Watch - Casio from a thrift store, Bracelets - Tiffany's, Shoes - Old Black Gladiators, Purse - Louis Vuitton Speedy, Headband - F21, Sunny's - Aviators from F21}

I had to add this, Doggie was having no part of me trying to take pictures! Can you tell from how I am looking down at him, I am silently sighing! So apologies for the weird first photo - tried to crop out blurred jumping dog! :) 

Monday, August 30, 2010

weekend recap - 8/27-29

Let's try a wordless weekend recap! 

Photos: Saturday: My City (random Alley in the West Loop). Randolph Street Market treasures: New Vintage camera, Vintage Gold/Turquoise Bib Necklace, Vintage sweater (which the lady claimed to be YSL - I am doubtful...but it's gonna be perfect in fall/winter! And I had to squeeze one in of the Pup :) Not happy to have his photo taken...gets it from his Dad (Aka the Hubs!). The last two are from my iPhone taken Sunday while shopping with Mom and at our Sushi dinner! Eating al fresco is the best!!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

S o S - Rain Edition

Splurge OR Save??? So with Fall and Winter approaching quite a few of us reach into the back of our closets and pull out rain boots! Because something they don't teach you in college- cute 'snow' boots do NOT work wading through lakes of melting snow! They don't I swear.... trust!

I spotted these while running errands at lunch, SAVE:
{Via} Payless by Christian Sariano for $49.99

{Via} Jimmy Choo for Hunter, $425.00

I am tempted to just get the Payless version just cuz. (Just cuz in a mere motnhs I will be wearing these for about 4-6 months straight!) I do not normally like knock-offs - call me a snob call me what ever, but I like to save for nice items that will last. However I am thinking to tromp through mounds of snow these might be a fun alternative to my other regular Hunter boots. 

Thoughts? Save or Splurge??? 


Nothing big on the agenda for the weekend over here! Which is kinda exciting...just want to spend sometime outdoors!!!

The Hubs and I are doing the whole 'get your rickety old eyes checked' thing - which will lead to new glasses. Dang who said getting old was fun! 

Last time I had this done was when I still lived in California....le sigh! So obvs I am in the market for cool news frames (if I am really feeling it maybe new sunglasses! but doubt it!) Last time I went the more adult, not jump out you glasses, wired frames. I love them don't get me wrong! But I am feeling if I am going to rock'em I kinda want them to jump out at you and be like glasses! ya know?! 

These are almost identical to what I have now: 

And this is the direction I am leaning: 


This is the direction go...I wanna look like this....girl can dream! :) 


Any thoughts? Big weekend plans? 

Thursday, August 26, 2010

All around the dinner table

One of my best memories of growing up was always the family meals. I can barey recall a night where we all weren't around the dinner table, TV off, in our respective chairs (did you have a specific chair at the table?) and talking about family stuff and sharing stories of our days. 

Dinner has turned into one of my most favorite times of day. I love cooking a meal for loved ones (the Hubs may argue I am trying to fatten him up...But hey I am living up to my wifely duties! and preparing his meals!). Whether it is a big production for a feast on a Sunday, for a dinner party with friends or just easy weeknight meals. To me there is something satisfying about eating at home. Home cooked food. 

So I thought I would share some of my favorite easy weeknight meals. My go to week night meals are nothing fancy, and dare I use the term semi-home made - I really despise that word! Hey I use a little help where I can! **Key word above EASY!!!! These are my quick, simple go to meals. After a long day at work, and then the gym (if I made it!LOL) I still want to eat something tasty and healthy! 

- Homemade Pizza: 
[What you need: Ready-made Dough -I get mine from Trader Joe's or Whole foods. Sauce - Marinara from a jar works great! Toppings - Whatever you like, we are extra cheesy with pepperoni folks - as in the photo. And I like to pile fresh spinach on top when it comes out of the oven - its adds a freshness and crunch!! And don't forget shaved parmesan on top too!]

Three main ingredients and voila deliciousness! I cook mine on a pizza stone at 375 for about 20-25 mins. 

- Grilled Chicken and fixings: 
This is probably one of the most common meals we...ahem I make during the week - the sides change each time, also I switch up the seasonings on the chicken. Below is Grilled Chicken served over pesto pasta, with a simple side salad. 

[What you need for this meal: 1 Pack of chicken tenders - rinse and then season with italian herds, Lawry's, S&P, Oregano, and olive oil then grill. 1/2 box of pasta (any kind, cook as directed), Pre-made Pesto - when pasta is done return to pot and cover with sauce. Salad - last night I had romaine and spinach on hand, chopped up and drizzled EVOO, Balsamic and a few cracks of black pepper]

Pretty Basic Right? Very quick, start to table around 30mins tops! We also do chicken with brown rice (Frozen from Trader Joes is my fav!) and steamed broccoli or chicken/brown rice and grilled zucchini. catching my drift right??? Meals don't have to be hard to be good!!! Promise. 

What are your go-to week night meals??? Do you have favorite quick meals? Share, I love adding more to the mix! 

I enjoy cooking so I love to share - Do you want more step by step? Or more 'inspiration' quick posts? Let me know - this bloggity thing is part collaboration you know?! 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


YUMM!!!! You all know I love Polaroid (here) and peonies (here)!!! I saw this and I. DIE.


I love our modern sleek loft. But I really really want to live somewhere with character and charm (well... edit - character, charm and modern conveniences! I am spoiled ;0 ). The perfect reason to re-do the home decor....now we just need a reason to move!

OOTD: Relaxed Brunching

{Chambray Shirt - Gap, White Shorts - H&M, Slip-On Ked-Style tennis' - Urban} 

I love nothing more than relaxed weekends. No plans, no expectations just whatevers! My only plan this past weekend was a Sunday Brunch with a friend. The Bloody Mary's were insane, spicy and sooo tasty! 

Overall a great weekend - Just a BIG 'Get better MOM!!!' (Sunday brunch turned into Sunday ER visits - all is well though, she is a trooper!) 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fall Preview - my purchases

**UPDATED - None of my links worked! So lets try this again shall we...Blame it on my almost Monday brain! 

So I made my list, checked it twice....oh wait sorry not Christmas yet!!! ;)

I have done a few posts about items I have been eyeing for the coming fall season (here and here). Slowly over the past month or so I have made a few of purchases! YAY! lol!

So here are a few items I've checked off thus far:

Sweaters:  Light-weight with fun details & Chunky and cozy!

{Lilac Sweater - J.Crew (Its on SUPER-DUPER sale so go get it!)
Chunky Sweater - Anthro}

Boots: Chunky Motorcycle/Engineer & Short worn-in Cowboy (Still on the fence about the cowboy - I really like them but am afraid I won't wear them enough - thoughts?)

{Motorcycle -Mia, Cowboy - Franco Sarto, from Nordies Rack}
(Similar Here and Here)

Misc: Boat neck and Stripped & SEQUINS!!! (take that J.Crew - I saved a butt load over your insane pencil/mini versions!) [Others not shown: Button-ups for a tailored masculine look]

{Sequined Mini - Unknown from Nordies Rack}

Still on the agenda: Jeggins, LeggingsOxfords (Got a great simple pair form Urban, but want a traditional lace up pair as well :) and a Jacket!)

Friday, August 20, 2010

maybe ...oh OOPS!

well there may have been an oops a couple of hours ago...maybe just maybe (if you catch my drift!)! ;)

1-Mulberry for Target, 2- Tucker fro Target

OH and shhhh....we're gonna be trying this one on for size, you know just to, ummmmm, see! (I love you HUBS!!!! don't' forget who just got new shoes, YOU!)

there can be only one

Either A or B.

I am stuck. Stuck between which new coat I want for Fall/Winter. I don't really have any Fall-ish coats (watch me talk myself right into this purchase....) so of course this means I need one. Duh, right? I know!

Ok, So I've shown you this pretty little number before (here), let's call her A, shall we?! - she is still a front runner. Things I am drawn to, the girlie-ness (word?), the ruffle, the cinched waist, the spin off of a classic trench style, the color.

And now lets meet the competitor.

She is completely different, lets call her B. Like black to white (well we know I love that! I kid...reference to the Hubs if you are new!) , rough yet oh so chic. I love the details, the shape and curve down the back, the laces. I love the way I could dress it up - playing up the dichotomy of rough and feminine, or wear it styled super casual.


So stylish peeps.....lets do a vote! Which would you choose, and maybe why???? (Also send a prayer that Anthro gets the first one back in stock - so if she wins I can buy her!) 

Next week I will be sure to share some images of what I've already stocked up for Fall!!! 

**Happy Friday's Beautiful's! Have super weekends (have some fun plans so I can't wait!), and don't forget Mulbery for Target on GILT today at 12:00pm ET***I will be there, hope to make it out alive! 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

uniforms are so dreamy!

There are no words to describe the admiration, excitement and love I felt when I opened a recent email, and saw these!

My Brother and my Mom
(uggh ladies please tell you don't think a MAN in uniform is HAWT?!) 

He is done with basic training, and off into his years at USNA (United States Naval Academy). These were taken this passed weekend at 'Parents Plebe Weekend'!!!! I am counting the days til I get to go visit him - only 3 weeks left!

I know this isn't fashion related, however I am soooo proud of my brother and this is something near and dear to me, so enjoy my chronicles of 'My Brother rocks my world!"

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

so not fair!

It is SO. NOT. FAIR. So not fair that I can't fit into any of the available sizes! Maybe 'fair' isn't the correct word - but to me I feel it is the perfect word - unfair! I NEEEEEED this top (I would wear it with these kinda boots, jeans like this...oh fall!)


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

OOTD: Relaxed Summer Dinner Soiree

Sometimes it is the little touches that make an outfit feel special! You don't always need to be dressed up to feel girly. I loved the shape of this top, the almost A-line-skirt-like flare, and the added halter strap make it feel different than a normal tank.

Here is my casual, yet perfectly summery outfit for our Sat night relaxed dinner. (I know the Hubs didn't initially like the top - the shape...but by the end of the night he saw the light! Or maybe that was the alcohol! hehe!)

{Top - Chambray Light Denim, F21; Shorts- Burnt Orange Linen, F21; Watch - Gold Michael Kors; Sandals - Suede studded gladiators, old}

Monday, August 16, 2010

weekend recap - 8/14-15

So we never made it to a street fair, or the beach...but that doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy this weekend!!! (if you follow me on Twitter you already know I surely did! LOL)

The Hubs and I had an impromptu dinner soiree on Saturday and it was a blast!!!! There were heated debates about random topics, deep belly laughs shared by all - one of those nights that ends well into the wee a.m. hours!!!!

I love setting the table for dinners - fresh flowers, fun table settings!!! (I know it is totally a girl thing - but I totally dig that stuff!) I reused a saved sangria/wine bottle and used it as pitcher for water. I was too busy noshing and drinking to take pictures of all our dishes and tasty drinks....so heres a sample and the menu. I promise to give you the how-tos soon! This was such an easy meal to throw together - I was easily able to chat and feel part of the party while I prepped the food!

Our Menu: a la relaxed summer fun - Moijitos, icy shots of Patron, homemade guacamole and pico de gallo, grilled corn with garlic-lime butter, grilled shrimp & chorizo tacos, refried beans and loads and loads of FUN!

You caught me!  

Sunday = a full day of recovery.....silly me, I thought I could drink 17 million moijitos and shots like I was 21 again LOL!

How were your weekends???

Friday, August 13, 2010

sigh...its Friday!

Have lovely weekend beautifuls'!

The weather should be great here....just trying to figure out how I can incorporate some of this into my weekend!!! (Again with the beach....I am missing it so. Oh and I am so pasty....I could use a little glow!)

My weekend plans consists of some errands, relaxing and maybe a street fair or two!