Thursday, July 8, 2010

post something-or-another

*Please excuse this minor, mini, rant, whine, or something-or-another*

Man, married life is great. Still not sure if my feet have hit the ground as of yet...hey give a girl a break it hasn't even been a month yet! :) But then maybe they have. Maybe, I am already past that and am knee deep. Oh shoot I just don't know! 

Let's see, in the past month I have been:
- So, so, sooo, SOOOOO Happy. So happy I cry. Cry at nothing but just mere thoughts. Crying leads to emotional messiness. But it is all good emotionalness (is that even a word?! prolly not!). But then sometimes, I am so happy I am almost sad. Like for instance, the week after we got home from the wedding the Hubs had to work a lot. I would sit and day dream about him constantly - then start crying because I missed him so much. I just wanted to snuggle up in his arms and melt away. See, so happy I was sad?! 

- I can NOT sleep. The Hubs sometimes works until late (after bedtime late), and I can't sleep til he is home. Home safe and sound, preferably next to me in bed! Then of course this little lady is eX-hausted at work the next day. TIRED! Even when he is home, all I want to do is be close and be where he is - thus staying up later than I normally would. If you don't know already I love me some sleep - in a bad way!

Is there such thing as a 'post-wedding depression' like state, but it isn't a sad state?! A post something-or-another state? Did anyone else go through this?! I can't be alone....can I? I hope not! 

Maybe we just need to go on our honeymoon, which we will soon.... I hope! (The joys of new jobs, waiting before taking tons of PTO). Full week of nothing but lovey-dovey, fun-in-the-sun time! Oh how I could use that in my life about now! 

Something else totally unrelated to wedded bliss....but yet another bump in my little road. I love everyone who comments on my blog, it is such a great little community (I am sure you all feel the same way! If you are a blogger of course) It is like a full range of girlfriends I never knew I needed right there to lend suggestions or advice or laughs when you need it! I of course hop over and get lost in your blogs for you guys are soo inspirational and fun! I always add myself as a "follower" cuz a girl has got to keep up, never enough blogs to read or comments to post. But I feel left out when they don't add me? Dang-it. Why am I being so emotional and whiny. Ok, I am over it now. pheew, sorry bout all that! 

Oh and I SWEAR (cross my heart hope to die) I am NOT preggers!!! I SWEAR! So don't suggest it! :) 

Maybe I just need a full week away form work....Man that would be nice! Our Chicago reception is in a week and that will be a great night, maybe that is what was missing - celebration with our friends who couldn't make it?! 

Do you guys have any great summer vacations planned??? 

Sorry still obsessed with our wedding pics! 


  1. Hi Hunnie,
    Yes! After my wedding I was like "now what?" I was so consumed with planning, etc that it was weird to be home and have nothing to plan...
    I also sometimes felt scared that I was so happy, something was bound to go wrong. I think it's normal and I think it stems from just being really happy in your relationship and wanting everything to continue being perfect.
    Hope I helped!!
    Big hug

  2. Thanks so much for checking out my blog, I really appreciate it! I absolutely love your wedding photo at the bottom of this post. And did you wear Louboutins?! Amazing! Oh, and I love supporting fellow "Taylors"!

  3. Ummmmmm, that is one of the most fabulous wedding pics that I have ever seen! Your bouquet is spectacular!

    p.s. Thank you SO much for joining our Rosebud network. We would love it if you would display our "I'm a Rosebud" banner somewhere on your beautiful blog. If it's already there and I missed it, please forgive me. I'm gonna blame it on not enough caffeine. HA! Don't forget to show your pretty bloggy face over at la blog! We're linking one of you nearly every day and featuring one of you every week and we're really hoping to drum up lots of support for our network members! Big hugs!

  4. i'm in love with this picture... looks like it came straight out of a magazine!


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