Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Our Chicago Reception

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our reception this past weekend!

It was sooo much fun! We got to spend time with family from out of town, friends we we don't get to see nearly often enough, and a magical night with each other - as a married couple!!!

Total Outfit re-do, but hey how many girls get to wear their wedding dress on more than one night!!! ME ME ME thats who! It was so much fun re-creating my wedding day 'look' all over!!!

Open Bar...what?! 

My BESTEST Friend in the World, Mrs. Babies and myself.

His man, Mr Skinny and myself - Gin & Tonic, Gin & Tonic and Vino :)

So Him...

My Amazing Mom, the Host of this amazing night! 

Mrs Valentine (And her stunning Baby Bump!) & I


The In-Laws!!!! :) 

The Whole Family (well of those who were there!) 

Mom and I with her two best friends (The Aunts I never had!) 

......And then this is when things get fuzzy! I kid I kid! 

Sorry I thought the fuzzy photo went perfectly after that 

All our friends headed out for a night of dancing, laughing and all around fun! There was tons of joking, singing to the music and laughing to be had! There was a Dennis Rodman sighting - FYI he is not on that sober bandwagon anymore! 

All in all a perfect evening!!!! 

The remainder of my weekend was spent playing tourist with the Hubs and my family. We shopped and ate more than I think I should admit! ;) We saw a bunch of the cars from Transformers - they are filming the new Transformers 3 movie here in Chicago right now. And yes, they were in the car form, no 30 foot tall robots running down Michigan Ave! My fav was probably Bumble Bee....vroom vroom! 


  1. Awesome photos!

    Looks like you had a perfect night.
    I want to wear my wedding dress again !!!!!! :)


  2. bunch of us girls should totally plan a 'Trash the Dress Shoot'!

  3. Looks like a great night of celebrating! I adore your dress. You two look just stunning together. Congrats again!! :)

  4. You have to do a 'Trash the dress'...I did it and we had a blast!!!

  5. Looks like so much fun. I love, love, love that dress.

  6. Congrats congrats congrats! You two are an adorable couple! Love the dress and all the pictures!

  7. You are so cute!!!

    Congrats on the nuptials :)

  8. love the dress absolutely gorgeous



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