Thursday, July 15, 2010

just wanna get away!

Wowzas this week has been BUSY! I have almost worked and additional DAY (8 full hours) of overtime already! I have tried taking lunches and write to you no avail...pheew. Man, my eyes hurt from being at a computer all day, then into lengthy video conferences, then back to the computer. Then I eat a little dinner the zonk out. Rinse and repeat. I know I know! Whiner :)

I am sorry I haven't been able to read everyones blogs, I know I am missing some great stuff! :( I will catch up soon, I promise! This weekend will be busy for the Hubs and I - with all the family and friends coming into town for our little Cocktail Reception (yessss cocktails....the couldn't be a more perfect week!)

However I am looking ahead. The Man and I are headed to Boston for a little work/play vay-cay next weekend. He has to go for training, we added a day and I am tagging along! Practice Honeymoon?! hehe.

Now, here is where I need you!

What do we need to do? see? where should we eat? I have only been there a few times as a child - so I am completely open! We will have a rental car.....So Spill.

Give me the Boston must-haves, must-sees!

until the crazies die down..... I MISS YOU ALL! :)


  1. I have never been so I have no advice but I would love to see Boston and cannot wait to hear about it!

  2. Have a lovely trip!

    Sorry, no tips from me... I've never been to boston :(


  3. hmm...well I guess I will be heavy in internet research in the next week!

  4. I've only been once, but I loved it. The Quincy Market - must see and enjoy, the oldest restaurant in Boston - I can't remember the name - it's very simple, I'm sure anyone can tell you - but the food (seafood and the like) is delicious! Walk through Boston Common if you have time and check out the story about the ducks - too cute. I also found the people in Boston to be very friendly - so I'm sure you could just ask. Enjoy your trip, sounds like fun.

    By the way, thanks so much for stopping by. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. =)

  5. Boston is tons of fun and a city that you could easily get lost exploring (in a good way). I recommend checking out Newbury Street for great shopping. Sonsie is a fun place to grab lunch. They have amazing wood-fired pizzas. If the Red Sox are in town, it's always fun to hang out at one of the bars near Yawkey Way to get the authentic Boston experience, even if you can't actually go to a game. They have a really fun science museum and an above average modern art museum.

    My favorite place for coffee (and the best sticky buns in town) is a bakery called Flour (they have 2 locations). If you are adventurous, I would definitely recommend checking out Cambridge. There are tons of great restaurants and it's just a nice area to walk around. Try to get some fresh New England seafood! Hope you have an amazing time!!! Let me know what you end up doing/seeing.


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