Friday, July 9, 2010




I. Die. (in the words of Rachel Zoe!)

I think I have died and gone to wedding heaven!!!! Brain is going GAGA! Well, wait. Maybe this is what real Heaven is like?!  All white, fluffy and prettiness galore. Ok, back to the business.

OUR WEDDING IS BEING FEATURED BY OTHER BLOGGERS and wedding BLOGS! As in out in Blogland. By Amazing talented ladies!!!!

My favorite ladies at Sitting in a Tree did the unthinkable!

And then - so did the Beauty behind Design Your Life, Danielle, another Cali girl who happens to be moving to Chicago!!!!

Our wedding is now Featured on their sites!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG HOLY OMG!!!!

I cried when I read their posts. (So not helping with all these crazy things going on in my brain! here.)

Go check it out! Leave those ladies tons of comments! And get lost in all their amazing awesomeness!

I stil can't believe it!!!! Craziness!

Oh and Happy FRIDAY!!!! Mustn't forget that my lovelies!


  1. OMG CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your wedding pictures are AHH-MAZING!! Your short dress was killing it!! Love it!

  2. that is so cool! congrats! :D

  3. PS - I just saw the pictures and they were GORGEOUS! Your wedding looked like a magazine shoot and your dress was amazinggggg :)

  4. Amazing photos! Congrats chica!


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