Wednesday, July 28, 2010

fall preview (2-2010) current wish list!

Have you guys started scoping items for fall??? I know it is sack-religious for me to be writing about this in July, however oddly I am. I am not a humidity girl, having grown up on the west coast it was not something we had to deal with. Here in the Chicago summers it is sadly the norm. I am just ready for it to go away...for that sadly it will be, alas we are back to me eying some new additions to the closet!

Here are the few thing on my fall lust-wish-list! 

A Trench{Via}

Wrappy sweaters - Too belt or too not belt! {Via}

Flowy shirts, easy to layer and cute tucked into some jeggings or skinny jeans! {Via}

Chunky Cardigans, so cozy in the crisp air! {Via}

Preppy shoes! I hrt them! {Via}

MORE Cozy sweaters, light and breathable! {Via}

Funky leggings - perfect for Saturday strolls and relaxed brunches {Via}

Motorcycle/Engineer Boots - chunky and fun! {Via}

Over-the-knee socks, perfect to wear under all your tall boots! {Via

Am I missing anything you are lusting after???? 


  1. I love your list!
    I did my list today also and I realized I better start saving b/c the list is loooooonng!!

    Cant wait for fall


  2. I love this list!! All so warm and cozy...

  3. I just told my bff that I am dying to get that first jacket I am absolutely in love with it.


  4. YESSSS i just bought some motorcycle boots today! mine are a little longer than the ones you posted about. LOVE those over the knee socks!


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