Tuesday, July 20, 2010

are you stocked?

Please tell me you have all headed over to the Anniversary Sale at Nordstrom and stocked up for Fall! I sure hope you have!

These may or may not live with me now....heavy on the MAY! :) (Thanks to the HUBS for letting myself treat myself to some new goods! He is a good man!)

I have a few more items to get, they were out of my size, so need to stop by another store, or have them order it for me!!!

{The Center Pair!!!} 

If you aren't privy - The Anniversary Sale at Nordies is their new fall stuff on BIG sale just before the season. On 8/2 all the items will be marked back to the full price! So stock up lovlies!!! Both {Via}

What were your scores???


  1. You are making me wish we had a Nordstrom in NYC!
    I love your picks! I love big sales like this. I wait all year for the Saks sale right before thanksgiving.


  2. ooohh...must mark in my calendar, let me know when that comes!!! Oh and SHOP ONLINE!!!!!! Or call a store and then they will ship it without the fees! (that is my biggest fear moving there, cuz one day I WILL be! ;) )

  3. Love those pieces!! The watch is great...not too bright gold color, love it!

  4. LOVE Nordstrom and the anniversary sale is one of the best sales in the whole world. I have my eye on a Vince leather jacket (that of course is not on sale). Go figure. Those boots are fab!

  5. I have that watch! Got it on sale at Bloomingdales!


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