Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Friday my lovlies!!!!

My weekend is pretty free and clear at the moment, nothing big planned - maybe a little bonding & shopping with Mom on Sunday...and hopefully the Hubs and I can work a nice dinner into his work schedule!!! (Love date nights!)

Well somethings are for sure...I will be snuggling this little guy tons!!! I missed him while we were away!

Again, my I introduce our baby, Grayson  aka Doggieman, the Great Bunzonie, or just Doggie!

He was helping me fold the laundry and it was too much for him! 

Thursday, July 29, 2010

copy cat

Doesn't the saying go something like imitation is the best for of flattery?! Any who, I love looking to style mags, or *gasp* celebrities to see how they wear certain styles of clothes. The way they combine items I may not initially think could work & use them as inspiration.

Any who....this is outfit I am just straight copying. I love the look. I have worn something similar before, but not with wedges - which I now will!

Don't you agree??? Simple, fresh and yet chic.

{all Via}

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

fall preview (2-2010) current wish list!

Have you guys started scoping items for fall??? I know it is sack-religious for me to be writing about this in July, however oddly I am. I am not a humidity girl, having grown up on the west coast it was not something we had to deal with. Here in the Chicago summers it is sadly the norm. I am just ready for it to go away...for that sadly it will be, alas we are back to me eying some new additions to the closet!

Here are the few thing on my fall lust-wish-list! 

A Trench{Via}

Wrappy sweaters - Too belt or too not belt! {Via}

Flowy shirts, easy to layer and cute tucked into some jeggings or skinny jeans! {Via}

Chunky Cardigans, so cozy in the crisp air! {Via}

Preppy shoes! I hrt them! {Via}

MORE Cozy sweaters, light and breathable! {Via}

Funky leggings - perfect for Saturday strolls and relaxed brunches {Via}

Motorcycle/Engineer Boots - chunky and fun! {Via}

Over-the-knee socks, perfect to wear under all your tall boots! {Via

Am I missing anything you are lusting after???? 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Midweek last we the Hubs and I got a little package in the mail. I leaped for joy when I opened it up -it was the disk of all our wedding photos!

I will spare you hundreds of photos...however here are 5 of my new favorites! Thinking I will share just a bit here and guys have seen most of my favorites already, however just like a new Bride - I can't help but want to share!


Clutching my cell phone and iced coffee....texts from the soon-to-be-Hubs and caffine! 

Sorry ladies he's taken! 

Monday, July 26, 2010

weekend recap - 7/24-25

There are not many words that can accurately describe this weekend. It was perfection! Pure bliss!

Saturday = Sleepin' in, lounging in bed, Brunch, afternoon strolls and bountiful shopping with the Hubs!

I did the dirty deed, Mama got the bag!!!! Here is what I ended up with!

Hiler in Currant 
(I couldn't resist the MJ! It is redier in person and I LOVE it!) 

Sunday = Boston- shopped Newberry Street in Back Bay. Sip wine, chat and laugh often at Cafeteria. (We almost ate at Sonsei , per recommendations from this beauty, however they were only serving a limited menu and it was screaming to us. We really want to try and head back there!)

All in all a weekend that will go down in the memory books!!!

How were your weekends lovelies???

Friday, July 23, 2010

cross my heart hope to....SHOP

Mama has been in the market for a (or a few) cross body bag(s) for quite some time now! Not sure what has been holding me back...maybe hoping the Hubs will find a reason to get me a gift!

Any who....I showed you my front runner here. Again, it is the Marc by Marc Jacobs Hiler bag. In either Steel or Black...well maybe Currant.

However, recently these have been added to the list! Now I can get both of these, for less than the MJ....but I am still drawn to the MJ.

{Via} in either Carob or Espresso

{Via} in either Tan or Elephant - still not sold on the tassels, but it is fun! 

Thoughts? Do you have one? Are there any that I should check out? Only stipulation is it doesn't need to cost and arm and a leg - however I do want a decent quality. Don't want it to junk out after a few uses.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Hmmm.... I have been eyeing the 'Classic T' with a pocket by Alexander Wang for quite some time now. I know about a million different ways I would wear it, even wished I had one on a few occasions.

I love the shirt oddles....the price, not some much.

Do any of you ladies have one or some?? Is it worth it? I mean I would wear it a bunch of times, so the per wear price would totally justify itself and it would hold up unlike a cheapy from F21(Give me any reason to rationalize a purchase and I will!)

Thoughts? Comments? Don't I need it?!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Our Chicago Reception

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our reception this past weekend!

It was sooo much fun! We got to spend time with family from out of town, friends we we don't get to see nearly often enough, and a magical night with each other - as a married couple!!!

Total Outfit re-do, but hey how many girls get to wear their wedding dress on more than one night!!! ME ME ME thats who! It was so much fun re-creating my wedding day 'look' all over!!!

Open Bar...what?! 

My BESTEST Friend in the World, Mrs. Babies and myself.

His man, Mr Skinny and myself - Gin & Tonic, Gin & Tonic and Vino :)

So Him...

My Amazing Mom, the Host of this amazing night! 

Mrs Valentine (And her stunning Baby Bump!) & I


The In-Laws!!!! :) 

The Whole Family (well of those who were there!) 

Mom and I with her two best friends (The Aunts I never had!) 

......And then this is when things get fuzzy! I kid I kid! 

Sorry I thought the fuzzy photo went perfectly after that 

All our friends headed out for a night of dancing, laughing and all around fun! There was tons of joking, singing to the music and laughing to be had! There was a Dennis Rodman sighting - FYI he is not on that sober bandwagon anymore! 

All in all a perfect evening!!!! 

The remainder of my weekend was spent playing tourist with the Hubs and my family. We shopped and ate more than I think I should admit! ;) We saw a bunch of the cars from Transformers - they are filming the new Transformers 3 movie here in Chicago right now. And yes, they were in the car form, no 30 foot tall robots running down Michigan Ave! My fav was probably Bumble Bee....vroom vroom! 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

are you stocked?

Please tell me you have all headed over to the Anniversary Sale at Nordstrom and stocked up for Fall! I sure hope you have!

These may or may not live with me now....heavy on the MAY! :) (Thanks to the HUBS for letting myself treat myself to some new goods! He is a good man!)

I have a few more items to get, they were out of my size, so need to stop by another store, or have them order it for me!!!

{The Center Pair!!!} 

If you aren't privy - The Anniversary Sale at Nordies is their new fall stuff on BIG sale just before the season. On 8/2 all the items will be marked back to the full price! So stock up lovlies!!! Both {Via}

What were your scores???

Monday, July 19, 2010


Happy ONE MONTH Anniversary HUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HUBS: This month has been the BEST month of my life, and I can not wait for all the days and times in our future, I love you more than you could even know! You are my everything! - Wifey

This picture is from our Chicago Wedding Reception this past weekend! It was one amazing night! More pictures to come!!! Swear.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

just wanna get away!

Wowzas this week has been BUSY! I have almost worked and additional DAY (8 full hours) of overtime already! I have tried taking lunches and write to you no avail...pheew. Man, my eyes hurt from being at a computer all day, then into lengthy video conferences, then back to the computer. Then I eat a little dinner the zonk out. Rinse and repeat. I know I know! Whiner :)

I am sorry I haven't been able to read everyones blogs, I know I am missing some great stuff! :( I will catch up soon, I promise! This weekend will be busy for the Hubs and I - with all the family and friends coming into town for our little Cocktail Reception (yessss cocktails....the couldn't be a more perfect week!)

However I am looking ahead. The Man and I are headed to Boston for a little work/play vay-cay next weekend. He has to go for training, we added a day and I am tagging along! Practice Honeymoon?! hehe.

Now, here is where I need you!

What do we need to do? see? where should we eat? I have only been there a few times as a child - so I am completely open! We will have a rental car.....So Spill.

Give me the Boston must-haves, must-sees!

until the crazies die down..... I MISS YOU ALL! :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Hey lovlies posting may be light or totally completely random this week! Sorry Beauties!!!! But I will do my best!

I am transitioning roles at work, however due to the craziness of Corporate America, I have been doing this role for over a year so I have been tapped to log some hours of complaints! (At least it won't be free anymore!) However they want me to log that after attending day long training sessions, so I may be quite late getting home...and oh lord kiss the gym right in the ya know what this week! HA! :) 

Also this coming Saturday is the Hubs (man I love saying that!) and I's Chicago Cocktail Wedding Reception!!!! YIPEE!!!! Get to bust out the dress and shoes again for another fun night - plenty of dancing and sipping fun drinks! 


you're so clue...clued IN!

As a product of the 80's it is only natural that I loved the movie Clueless as a teenager, right?! I mean what girl didn't?! Probably watched it a gazillion times throughout all those sleepover in HS. Quoting lines, wishing I had a closet like Cher's, a cute step-brother, and a Jeep Wrangler (hey I thought they were the cat's meow back in the day!)

Some of her outfits were...umm let's just say the part of the nineties that we would rather forget. However there were a few that were iconic, and stunning!

'The Dress'...What you don't know which one I am talking about?! :) Lets see if this jogs your memory “Cher, what are you wearing?” “A dress!” “Says who?” “Calvin Klein!” “Well, go put something over it!” “Duh, I was just going to.”  And then she reappears in the see through trench! So Awesome! 

Man I loved that movie! 

Anywho, I recently stumbled onto an article (Here) where LA-Designer Ilaria Urbinati, co-owner of the LA-based label Confederacy, coerced the CK designer to re-make the classic dress. So FUN! 


You can buy them here, although I do not very much like the price tag! But hey nostalgic just thinking about it! 

Friday, July 9, 2010




I. Die. (in the words of Rachel Zoe!)

I think I have died and gone to wedding heaven!!!! Brain is going GAGA! Well, wait. Maybe this is what real Heaven is like?!  All white, fluffy and prettiness galore. Ok, back to the business.

OUR WEDDING IS BEING FEATURED BY OTHER BLOGGERS and wedding BLOGS! As in out in Blogland. By Amazing talented ladies!!!!

My favorite ladies at Sitting in a Tree did the unthinkable!

And then - so did the Beauty behind Design Your Life, Danielle, another Cali girl who happens to be moving to Chicago!!!!

Our wedding is now Featured on their sites!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG HOLY OMG!!!!

I cried when I read their posts. (So not helping with all these crazy things going on in my brain! here.)

Go check it out! Leave those ladies tons of comments! And get lost in all their amazing awesomeness!

I stil can't believe it!!!! Craziness!

Oh and Happy FRIDAY!!!! Mustn't forget that my lovelies!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

post something-or-another

*Please excuse this minor, mini, rant, whine, or something-or-another*

Man, married life is great. Still not sure if my feet have hit the ground as of yet...hey give a girl a break it hasn't even been a month yet! :) But then maybe they have. Maybe, I am already past that and am knee deep. Oh shoot I just don't know! 

Let's see, in the past month I have been:
- So, so, sooo, SOOOOO Happy. So happy I cry. Cry at nothing but just mere thoughts. Crying leads to emotional messiness. But it is all good emotionalness (is that even a word?! prolly not!). But then sometimes, I am so happy I am almost sad. Like for instance, the week after we got home from the wedding the Hubs had to work a lot. I would sit and day dream about him constantly - then start crying because I missed him so much. I just wanted to snuggle up in his arms and melt away. See, so happy I was sad?! 

- I can NOT sleep. The Hubs sometimes works until late (after bedtime late), and I can't sleep til he is home. Home safe and sound, preferably next to me in bed! Then of course this little lady is eX-hausted at work the next day. TIRED! Even when he is home, all I want to do is be close and be where he is - thus staying up later than I normally would. If you don't know already I love me some sleep - in a bad way!

Is there such thing as a 'post-wedding depression' like state, but it isn't a sad state?! A post something-or-another state? Did anyone else go through this?! I can't be alone....can I? I hope not! 

Maybe we just need to go on our honeymoon, which we will soon.... I hope! (The joys of new jobs, waiting before taking tons of PTO). Full week of nothing but lovey-dovey, fun-in-the-sun time! Oh how I could use that in my life about now! 

Something else totally unrelated to wedded bliss....but yet another bump in my little road. I love everyone who comments on my blog, it is such a great little community (I am sure you all feel the same way! If you are a blogger of course) It is like a full range of girlfriends I never knew I needed right there to lend suggestions or advice or laughs when you need it! I of course hop over and get lost in your blogs for you guys are soo inspirational and fun! I always add myself as a "follower" cuz a girl has got to keep up, never enough blogs to read or comments to post. But I feel left out when they don't add me? Dang-it. Why am I being so emotional and whiny. Ok, I am over it now. pheew, sorry bout all that! 

Oh and I SWEAR (cross my heart hope to die) I am NOT preggers!!! I SWEAR! So don't suggest it! :) 

Maybe I just need a full week away form work....Man that would be nice! Our Chicago reception is in a week and that will be a great night, maybe that is what was missing - celebration with our friends who couldn't make it?! 

Do you guys have any great summer vacations planned??? 

Sorry still obsessed with our wedding pics! 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I really want Clogs (see here). The Man (aka ... now to be refereed to as The Hubs (YAY!!!)) The Hubs he dislikes them....But this mama really wants them!!!! Don't I need them?



Oh, and I didn't get the dress. Sad. I know. I was out bid with one minute to spare. By ONE DOLLAR. Really c****s a dollar! Oh well, guess it wasn't meant to be!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

home of the BRAVE!

"This nation will remain the home of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave"-Elmer Davis

Happy Fourth of July, Independence day, Fireworks day, and SUNDAY my lovlies!!!!!!!!! 

Enjoy the weather, the grilling and the reason we have this opportunity to celebrate!!!! 

I am already missing my bro!!!!