Wednesday, June 2, 2010

There are a few body parts I might looking into selling so I could have these......


I began my love affair with these shoes sometime last year, after Jimmy Choo announced there new '24/7 Collection' (you can read about it here) - esp these nude, patent 'Private' style. well to be honest....just about any of them really!!! HA!

**Side Note - When Mom and I did our reconnaissance mission to Vegas a couple of months ago, I tried these on (I almost died they are insane and perfect!) except they were marked NOT what they cost!!! And I want the Price they were marked!!!!!!!!! (Subtract $600, yes you read that right.) I knew I should have bought them then - and threw a fuss when they rang up different than they were marked! Phooey.

PS - I need nude heels....I need them right?! like neeed!!!! Yeah, I thought so too!


  1. UGH! I hate when store's make mistakes like that! I say it's their fault-the customer's ALWAYS right! hehe

    They are perfect and I'm sure you will wear them for YEARS to come! Keep checking Gilt Groupe... they've had Jimmy Choo before!


  3. Wowza. Those are gorgeous. Classic color yet mod detail. LOVE!

  4. These shoes are amazing. I just saw Renee Z wearing them and about died at how perfect they were!


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