Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I love my SHORT dress. I love my SHORT dress. I LOVE my SHORT dress. I do right?!

My Mom called last night saying she though maybe I would want to wear a long dress at my wedding. Except I have a short one. The wedding day is 10 days away.

AHHHHH! SAVE ME NOW!!!!!! I am a nut case, don't know what to do! (But I have been set on my short dress for months now - why Mom WHY?!)

I found one I like at J.Crew and one at Nordstrom. But then I need new shoes! do my accessories still go?

OMG meltdown commence!!


  1. You know I've seen your short dress and love it, you will look beautiful no matter what. That said, you only get one shot at wearing the long wedding gown, so if you think you will regret not wearing one, then you should consider it. Either way you should make sure you are wearing what you want, regardless of what anyone else thinks. XOXO.

  2. You are going to look gorgeous in your short dress! It's so typical to freak out about something right before your wedding ( I was shopping for new shoes the day before.)
    Go with your instincts and it will be perfect!


  3. omg a short dress sounds fun!!

  4. could you wear two dresses? Long for the ceremony and short the reception?


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