Thursday, June 24, 2010

finally....yes I am impatient!

In case you missed it on Twitter or FB.....see our sneak peak here (the photo above is NOT one of hers, just a boring one from teh chapel folks...hers are way better!)!!!! Side Note: I am a bit obsessed. And I am IN LOVE with our Photographer, no one is better! Oh, I can't stop staring at them. Is this normal?

I LOOOVE being married!!!! And isn't my HUBS HAWT?!?! Man, I love saying that! HUBS, HUBSTER, HUBS da DUBS! (I'm 'the crazy married lady' as he calls me now! Just crazy in love is my standard response!)

I will post more directly to my page later on...but there is a teaser for you lovelies! Thinking I want to send some to my favorite wedding ladies...maybe they would feature me?! :S It would a be a dream to make it in the rounds of 'wedding blogland!' - I am an addict remember?

Wedding re-cap one day....promise - Those songs I posted were direct songs from our ceremony (it was a subtle hint for you guys!)....oddly I don't even remember hearing them! But til then enjoy these, and we will get back to our regular fashion, shopping, eating and life stuff soon....say Monday? Til then I still am all things 'marriage!'


  1. Congrats Taylor....You looked amazing!! The short dress was totally the way to go girl!


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