Tuesday, June 15, 2010

do you?

Do you know about LONNY? Do you read LONNY? Where the heck have you been - I kid!

I loooove this online mag! Yes you read that right! It is a online decor magazine! If I am not mistaken it is by the same creative peeps from the old Domino Magazine. I get lost in it each and every time the new issue comes out! (I also love that I can read it from work, and browse for oodles of time...without ya know, not not doing work!!! If you catch my drift! :) )

One of my favorite parts are the built in links!!! They are great, you love something, if you click you are instantly transported to the website where you can purchase them! 'Cuz isn't it annoying to be reading a magazine see a pair of shoes or a dress you love - then scramble to remember the site it lists it from or write your self a little note, and said note is never found again!

Well anyway, what feels like eons ago I posted some images of things/inspiration of what I would love to include when the Man and I redid our bedroom - although we went with a different color scheme the pieces I still really looove!

Correlation - Reading this latest issue I recognized a pillow featured....cuz I too love it! I think I would make a great addition to anyones home!!!! (PS - I totally get giddy when things I have been oggling for a while all of a sudden become popular - Knew my instincts were right! ;) ) - And bc my computer is actin' a fool, look at the 'ECO' feature on page 18.


This is my favorite! How cute would it be on a chair in a guest room, or child's room...or on your master-bedroom bed! HA! Although I am sure any Mom out there would like a LOUD reminder to call her more often (See magazine choice)! 


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