Monday, June 14, 2010

bear with me....

I ask you bear with me my little lovelies (you don't mind if I call you that do you?! I didn't think so!)...Cuz things are getting crazy in these parts!

Lets see in the next few days I will:
-Cram in last minute hard-core works outs at the gym, hoping that 6-pack magically appears
-Get my hair did
-Get my wax on
-Continue to 'work' at work
-fold the mountain of laundry
-Make a million follow-up phone calls
-Make a million lists so while packing (See above) nothing is forgotten!
-Pedicure appointment
-Contact the photographer to make sure we are all set!
-Accept a new job-offer! (Timing Corporate America, Timing! jeeze!)
-Throw back a glass or 5 of wine to relax (*cough* curb any form of nervous anxiety attack)
-Ensure the procrastinating Man gets his stuff done as well
-Make it early for a flight
-Make sure the Dog is ready for his Babysitting!
-Pray everything is packed in the luggage before we get to the airport!
- Oh yeah go GET MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Man and I have less than 6 days til we are UNITED FOREVER! (*evil laugh!* JK Baby!)

OMG I can't wait!!! I am like a little kid who just found out they get to pick out the family movie from the video store (Did you guys have family movie night...We used to go to Blockbuster and pick one out to watch together!) or the little kid who gets a new toy for being on their best behavior at a public event! (Guess my toy is a wedding ring! hehe!!!)

I hope to leave you with some fun tidbits for the next week, while we are in Wedding-Land!!! If not, I know you will understand! Every bride gets a little wiggle room right!

(Yes, if you missed it, we are getting hitched in Vegas! Haven't been a traditional girl ever, why start now!)


  1. Congratulations and stay calm!!
    I cant wait to see photos!

    Making lists will make you sane! It really works!


  2. I have three, and I neurotically just typed them all (even have bullet points with blank dots so I can check them off as I go!)

  3. Woo hoo! A Vegas wedding sounds awesome and perfect! Can't wait to see the pics!

  4. Having lists are key! So exciting...wishing you an amazing time in Vegas! Congrats girlie!


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