Wednesday, June 30, 2010

to chuck or not to chuck

I love me some CHUCKS!!! Give me heels any day and I am a happy gal....but you know I will rock my chucks any other chance I can get!!!

What about these 'almost' Summer-fied Chucks?! Like? dislike?


I am on the fence, and no they are not real chucks but they scream the style - and they are pretty funk-tastic. Would you rock 'em?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

maybe just maybe

I never seem to find vintage pieces that - A: fit, B: don't look like I am playing dress up in horrible old clothes or C: that I even like...guess all the hipsters are more regular at the local thrift/vintage shops in my 'hood.

Shame on me!

However I stumbled on to this...and I think I am in love!


Please don't run out an bid on it, I have kept the window open and continue to stare at it...think I might just pull the trigger!


Monday, June 28, 2010

fall preview (1-2010)

These new arrivals at Bergdorf's make my heart go pitter-pat!!! Well maybe that is a thump-thump-thump...getting me all excited inside!!!

CL Python and Stretch Bootie

Prada Clog

Yeah for fall shoes!!! (I may have just jinxed myself for saying that...! :S) 

Saturday, June 26, 2010

in love!


Enjoy! I know this is on the blog...but I love it! I was SOOO elated at this moment!!! And I can see it in the picture.

Friday, June 25, 2010


So if you live anywhere in the Midwest, or have watched the news this past week- You would have seen the crazy storms the Chicago-land area have been having. Crazy. Wind. Tornado Sirens (Yes, they are as scary as that sounds like it is! Esp for a Cali girl!). Pelting Rains. Oh and more Wind.

Any who, you learn to stay inside, close the curtains and hunker down tile it passes. The lightening is what does it for me! Growing up in So Cal lightening was a novelty and not something I experienced often. I remember at one Girl Scout meeting in elementary school we stood by the window and counted the seconds between the lightening then the distant rumble of thunder... one one-thousand, two one-thousand, three catch my drift. It was followed by shrieks and hollers if it was less than five (five= 5 miles away, or so the wives tales I was believing).  And to this day, much to my Husband's dismay, I still jump and point it out every time the sky lights up. I move a little closer and wish it away, fast!

If we are friends on FB you would have seen my post about how this recent round of storms was a 'three tomato death' kinda storm. The winds took my poor plant off her stand, put her on her head and made three little babies fall off! Phooey! We also lost a pot - shattered when it fell well as my dumpster-dive table now has one less legs because it is currently bent upwards. (I don't even know how it this is possible or could have happened! The pots from the table didn't move an inch!!)

Finally my point....apologies for the long-winded-ness (word?...prolly not!) I wanted to share a video I found. Here is a great video of the storms! The three main buildings pictured are our cities tallest - the Hancock (far left), the Trump (middle) and the Willis aka Sears Tower (far left)....Enjoy our little storm!

Lightning strikes three of the tallest buildings in Chicago at the same time! from Craig Shimala on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

finally....yes I am impatient!

In case you missed it on Twitter or FB.....see our sneak peak here (the photo above is NOT one of hers, just a boring one from teh chapel folks...hers are way better!)!!!! Side Note: I am a bit obsessed. And I am IN LOVE with our Photographer, no one is better! Oh, I can't stop staring at them. Is this normal?

I LOOOVE being married!!!! And isn't my HUBS HAWT?!?! Man, I love saying that! HUBS, HUBSTER, HUBS da DUBS! (I'm 'the crazy married lady' as he calls me now! Just crazy in love is my standard response!)

I will post more directly to my page later on...but there is a teaser for you lovelies! Thinking I want to send some to my favorite wedding ladies...maybe they would feature me?! :S It would a be a dream to make it in the rounds of 'wedding blogland!' - I am an addict remember?

Wedding re-cap one day....promise - Those songs I posted were direct songs from our ceremony (it was a subtle hint for you guys!)....oddly I don't even remember hearing them! But til then enjoy these, and we will get back to our regular fashion, shopping, eating and life stuff soon....say Monday? Til then I still am all things 'marriage!'

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


WE'RE BACK (un-queue the scary Halloween music!).

And not just a 'me' anymore! (which I totally don't mind!) I actually LOVE IT!

My brain is still poolside in 'Newlywed Land'. I want to be where my brain is!

So forgive me if the posts are random, I swear to be back soon! I mean it took me like an hour to go through 67 new emails this morning (yes that is a lot of work to catch up on!) but it normally doesn't take me that long to figure out what needs doing!

I will post pictures when I get some!

The weekend was everything I ever dreamed of and more! He looked HOT! Our photographer was INCREDIBLE! Seriously, she took some incredible shots and I CAN'T wait to see them, really like go to the desert get some trash the dress shots, anything (I know we will be for sure!)!!!!!!!!! The dress was INSANE - I am SOOO glad a rocked a short dress! Shoes, spot on! Everything turned out perfect!

How were your weekends and Monday's?

Monday, June 21, 2010

still flyin high!

I am still on Cloud-9 and can't believe that I am officially married to my Best Friend! (it's so cliche but you can't deny the truth!)


Going on the Cloud -9 theme....How appropriate would the dress be?!?!? I wish I would have saved pennies for years and would've had this to wear on our first night out as Husband and Wife!!!!


Isn't it just beautiful??? I love the back detailing, I may need to find a way to get this...secret wedding purchase for myself?!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

over the MOON!

I am officially in la-la land, cloud nine, floating around.....I AM MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am somewhere over the rainbow!!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

it's time!

The time is here.... Tomorrow I will marry my best friend, the strength to my weakness, the air to my breath. The light in my life.

To the Man: You are my everything. My other half. My Love. There is never a moment I wouldn't give my all for you. I will be here forever. And for always yours. -T

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

no socks sock hop

Socks wouldn't be necessary if I had these. 

Today is my Friday! So I thought I would leave you with some pretty little gems to look at!


The longer and longer I look at oxford-style shoes the more and more I think I want a pair! Rock 'em with cuffed up jeans, wear 'em with trousers to work, or even sport them with a fun girlie dress!

Do any of you have any yet??? I realllllly like the brown of these!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

do you?

Do you know about LONNY? Do you read LONNY? Where the heck have you been - I kid!

I loooove this online mag! Yes you read that right! It is a online decor magazine! If I am not mistaken it is by the same creative peeps from the old Domino Magazine. I get lost in it each and every time the new issue comes out! (I also love that I can read it from work, and browse for oodles of time...without ya know, not not doing work!!! If you catch my drift! :) )

One of my favorite parts are the built in links!!! They are great, you love something, if you click you are instantly transported to the website where you can purchase them! 'Cuz isn't it annoying to be reading a magazine see a pair of shoes or a dress you love - then scramble to remember the site it lists it from or write your self a little note, and said note is never found again!

Well anyway, what feels like eons ago I posted some images of things/inspiration of what I would love to include when the Man and I redid our bedroom - although we went with a different color scheme the pieces I still really looove!

Correlation - Reading this latest issue I recognized a pillow featured....cuz I too love it! I think I would make a great addition to anyones home!!!! (PS - I totally get giddy when things I have been oggling for a while all of a sudden become popular - Knew my instincts were right! ;) ) - And bc my computer is actin' a fool, look at the 'ECO' feature on page 18.


This is my favorite! How cute would it be on a chair in a guest room, or child's room...or on your master-bedroom bed! HA! Although I am sure any Mom out there would like a LOUD reminder to call her more often (See magazine choice)! 

Monday, June 14, 2010

bear with me....

I ask you bear with me my little lovelies (you don't mind if I call you that do you?! I didn't think so!)...Cuz things are getting crazy in these parts!

Lets see in the next few days I will:
-Cram in last minute hard-core works outs at the gym, hoping that 6-pack magically appears
-Get my hair did
-Get my wax on
-Continue to 'work' at work
-fold the mountain of laundry
-Make a million follow-up phone calls
-Make a million lists so while packing (See above) nothing is forgotten!
-Pedicure appointment
-Contact the photographer to make sure we are all set!
-Accept a new job-offer! (Timing Corporate America, Timing! jeeze!)
-Throw back a glass or 5 of wine to relax (*cough* curb any form of nervous anxiety attack)
-Ensure the procrastinating Man gets his stuff done as well
-Make it early for a flight
-Make sure the Dog is ready for his Babysitting!
-Pray everything is packed in the luggage before we get to the airport!
- Oh yeah go GET MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Man and I have less than 6 days til we are UNITED FOREVER! (*evil laugh!* JK Baby!)

OMG I can't wait!!! I am like a little kid who just found out they get to pick out the family movie from the video store (Did you guys have family movie night...We used to go to Blockbuster and pick one out to watch together!) or the little kid who gets a new toy for being on their best behavior at a public event! (Guess my toy is a wedding ring! hehe!!!)

I hope to leave you with some fun tidbits for the next week, while we are in Wedding-Land!!! If not, I know you will understand! Every bride gets a little wiggle room right!

(Yes, if you missed it, we are getting hitched in Vegas! Haven't been a traditional girl ever, why start now!)

Friday, June 11, 2010


Today was the Chicago Blackhawks Parade, celebrating their WIN of the 2010 Stanley Cup!!!! 'LET'S GO BLACK-HAWKS!!!!'

We watched it go by at work!!!

The gentleman at the back of the bus is holding the trophy!!! Hard to see but it was there, promise!!! 

Happy Weekend lovlies, short day of work for me then off to a practice wedding hair appointment!!! YAY!!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I love my SHORT dress. I love my SHORT dress. I LOVE my SHORT dress. I do right?!

My Mom called last night saying she though maybe I would want to wear a long dress at my wedding. Except I have a short one. The wedding day is 10 days away.

AHHHHH! SAVE ME NOW!!!!!! I am a nut case, don't know what to do! (But I have been set on my short dress for months now - why Mom WHY?!)

I found one I like at J.Crew and one at Nordstrom. But then I need new shoes! do my accessories still go?

OMG meltdown commence!!

OOTD: Weekend Comf!

I don't share OOTD often bc I mean how many different combos of slacks/pencil skirts, cardigans and shirts do you really want to see! (Thank you Corporate America for the business casual attire requirement!)

Any who, here is my past weekend, comfy yet still fun outfit (I promise to get better at photographing and sharing....esp since summer wear is some of my favorite!)

 Rocking my Chucks, Shorts and Plaid Shirt: J. Crew

I love the long sleeves and shorts! And sometimes tenni's in the summer are so unexpected and fun! This is nothing special but thought I would share - I was perfect for a relaxed brunch and shopping day! 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

new toys

Sadly I haven't gone out and gotten the Polaroid camera I so very much want (Here), however almost a month ago I downloaded this program and been having sooo much fun ever since!!! I am sorry my lovelies for not sharing it sooner, I forgot, like for reals!

Here are some fun pictures I transfered through the program, and they just look way more fun this WAY!!!!

Don't you love????????? I know right, they are great!! 

Monday, June 7, 2010

weekend recap - 6/5-6

Oh what a weekend! It started off all peaches & cream, and strawberry dreams! And ended with a few frustrations.

Saturday was great! I woke up at the crack of 5 to take the Man to Niketown (crazy I know right!) But he loves his shoes just as much as I. He wanted to wait in line to get a fancy-schmancy pair of limited release Jordan's. Premio Bin #23 something or others HA! Crazy as would have it, he actually got THE last pair in the whole store and they happened to be his size!!! (THANK you to the gentleman he met in line, Terry, who passed them to him, since they were his size! There really are good people still out there!!!) Here they are in case you are wondering!

#556/1331 - We are proud owners of numbered pair 556 (Only 1331 made and released worldwide)! 

After a brief nap, by the Man and a little laundry and housework by me - we headed out to brunch and to shop!

If you are ever in Chicago you MUST have brunch at the Bongo Room in Bucktown on Milwaukee Ave. It is DELISH!!! Our favorite place to go, and the food never disappoints! It is more than your regular eggs and bacon joint. They put a fancy twist on their seasonal menu and to your traditional b-fast fav's! I totally recommend it! Their cocktails are good and the food even better. You may have to wait but it never bothers me, since I can shop at the vintage stores and boutiques in the surrounding store fronts.

This weekend we got (Please excuse the pics, taken with my ailing Blackberry):

ME: French Toast, with brown sugar and vanilla bean sauce, and fresh strawberries & bananas.

The Man: Eggs Benedict. Mediterrian style with fresh spinach, roasted red peppers and feta with house potatoes.

We walked off this incredible meal while shopping the remainder of the afternoon away! It was perfect! (OOTD to come)

Sunday, not so great. First, 'Sunday Morning' didn't record on the DVR (Boo, I love that show!). After rolling over saddened we were woken by the phone. It was our doorman calling, telling us our car was broken into. Major BOO! The front passenger window was shattered and the crook's stole our brand new GPS and random amounts of change!  We made all the necessary phone calls, but trying to find somewhere open on a Sunday was the biggest feat. We did, it is fixed, so all we can do is move on. Whine, Whine, cry cry - such is life!  (I didn't take pictures to share, bc a broken window is a broken window, oh and my camera battery died!)

How was everyone else's weekend??? How was the weather? Enjoying the sun-shiney days??? I am LOVING IT!!!!

PS - Only one weekend left of single lady-dom!!! The wedding is getting sooo close!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

we pause briefly

Let me first start by saying I don't enjoy talking Politics, it's just not me. Blame the liberal, all-loving, southern California upbringing. I didn't start this blog to run my mind about touch-y issues. But Fashion, love, pretty-little-things, yes! However something has been making me think and just want to say a little peep. I may end up deleting this post or maybe not. So anyway bear with me....and promise to come back.

WTF GOVERNMENT!!!!!! Did we learn nothing from Katrina?! You need to get active in LIFE-ALTERING events waaaay quicker. Case-and-point : BP OIL CATASTROPHE.

These photos rip my heart out. This is what I wanted to share. It isn't a political rampage or really a 'my side' view point. It is just a bit of what the news isn't showing, limiting the public from knowing what is already going on. Well, what BP isn't allowing us to see - but when were they the ones to dictate it. So, BP go home. (But only after you pay us loads of $ to fix this area to an even better state than it was before). 


K, promise you will come back to regular pretty-little-things blogging???? Plllluseeeeeeeeeeee! Thanks, kisses.

on TOP

Lately I have a thing for 'Boat' shoes - more commonly known as 'Sperry Top Siders' . Weird. I know. I point out every pair I want, the perfect times I could be wearing them, etc. I am probably driving the Man nuts with it, but that is what I am here for right?! I have been resistant to getting them for years. They are guys shoes, not cute. But I've flipped.

Growing up these were my Dad's classic summer shoe (Well really all year round, being in So. Cal). He would rock'em with classic khaki shorts, a nice polo for dinner out. Dressed up in the California chic way or super casual. I will definitely pair them in similar ways - thanks for the tips Dad!!!

I might as well go an get myself a pair, then right?! I really like these pairs!




The first two are my leading contenders...however, there is something about the classic colors that keeps me looking at those as well! Do you have 'Boat' shoes?? Do you love???

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

There are a few body parts I might looking into selling so I could have these......


I began my love affair with these shoes sometime last year, after Jimmy Choo announced there new '24/7 Collection' (you can read about it here) - esp these nude, patent 'Private' style. well to be honest....just about any of them really!!! HA!

**Side Note - When Mom and I did our reconnaissance mission to Vegas a couple of months ago, I tried these on (I almost died they are insane and perfect!) except they were marked NOT what they cost!!! And I want the Price they were marked!!!!!!!!! (Subtract $600, yes you read that right.) I knew I should have bought them then - and threw a fuss when they rang up different than they were marked! Phooey.

PS - I need nude heels....I need them right?! like neeed!!!! Yeah, I thought so too!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer Salads

Oh summer-time! How lovely you are!!!!! Beyond the beautiful weather, all the hours you can spend outside relaxing in the warmth of the sun....... I really looooove all the summer-time veggies!!!!

A Perfect Summer Salad:

Here is my version of grilled chicken over a greek style village salad (The traditional style village greek salad is traditionally cucumber, tomatoes, red onions, feta and calamata olives - they omit the lettuce)


For the Chicken (or omit for a Vegetarian option):
I used one package of chicken tenders (Breasts would work just as great!)
Marinade - Olive oil, salt & pepper, Lawry's, Oregano, italian seasoning (If I had a lemon I would have added it as well!) 
Let it marinate for at least 30 mins.

For the salad:
A few nice ripe tomatoes (I had a large beefsteak on hand, so that is what I used)
half of an English cucumber (they don't have seeds and are perfect for this!)
half of a red onion
an Avocado (this is my addition, plus I had a few ripe that were ready for noshing!)
goat cheese crumbles (again this was what was on hand, the saltiness of feta goes great too)
nice aged balsamic vinegar
extra virgin olive oil
Sprinkles of Salt and Pepper

Chop all the veggies, and start either your grill (or grill pan) over medium heat.

Grill up the chicken Baby!!!

Start layering in all the veggies, the more the merrier!!!

Now sprinkle the goat cheese, olive oil, salt, pepper and balsamic vinegar.

Chop up your chicken and then top your veggies....feel free to add more balsamic (if you are like me, the more the merrier, plus the chicken will start absorbing it, and ummm YUMM!) .

How do you start to celebrate the summer season?? Do you have a quintessential meal that makes it feel like summer to you??? What veggies do you wait all winter for???