Monday, May 17, 2010

showering again!

I am not sure how I got sooo lucky, but this past weekend I was thrown a second bridal shower in AUSTIN Texas, home of my Mom and Brother (Hosted by one of my Mom's lovely friends!) It was an absolute blast, I mean we drank Mimosas allll morning and ate the most delicious food, and talked and talked! What is not to love!

It was also sooooo nice to get away from the frigid town I live in, enjoy 80 degree temps! To see my brother, chat endlessly with Mom and get to eat some tasty food.... all weekend!

Here are some bits of my weekend!

No detail was left undone!!!! The decor was sooo prefect and amazing! 

My Beautiful Mom and I

Desperatlyley trying to 'not break the bow' - You have never heard of this either, same here! Well from what I understand (or so I was told!) there is an old wives tale, saying etc - that for every bow you break while opening gifts at your bridal shower is how many children you will have! Baby I was trying really hard to be 'good' I only broke ONE! ;)

The GRACIOUS HOST, Myself and MOM! 

Me and the Bro - At one of the last dinners as a single girl with him! And last without him being able to totally dominate me in everything....the only thing I have left against this smarty is a College degree! He leaves for the US Naval Acdemy in just a few weeks! (I should probably introduce you to him now, he will probably be our president one day! I am not kidding this kid is a rockstar!) 

Bro and Mom! 

How was your weekend??? Did you do anything fun? Next weekend I plan to do somethings around the house, got to start this domestic wifely stuff sooner or later....well learn how to do it! :) 


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