Thursday, May 13, 2010


Oh what I wouldn't do to own a table's worth of any of these.....A girl can dream right?!

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The price of one could feed a small family for a month! But I think I am going to start saving pennies, the second has my heart all sorts of messed up! I am in love. (Sorry Babe!) These have been on my favorite list for the past few years!

I am thinking start with one, set it up a vinyet (Lamp, mirror, side table - ya know?). Save and get another - then have two awesome "head of the table" chairs....and let the 3rd and 4th trickle in over say the next century!

I guess at some point the Man and I will have to get a better dining table to go along....oy.

Do you have any major statement pieces of furniture you wish you owed? Could Afford? (I am also going to get my pretty fingers on an Eames recliner one of these days too...some way some how!)

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