Tuesday, May 4, 2010

OOTD: my birthday suit

My Outfit of the Day for my Birthday.Bridal Shower.Girls night out is one I am totally IN LOVE WITH!!!!

I felt so cute and it was super comfortable! The shoes got sooo many compliments and they too rocked my world! I will be rocking those shoes many, many times in the future! And I can't wait to re-wear this dress over and over this summer!  With flats, neutrals- you name it I will try it!

Rag & Bone Dress {via}, Jeffery Campbell 'Tick' Wedges {via}

The Back of the dress is such a surprise!!!!


  1. SOOO cute!! I love the back! So fun!!

  2. Thanks love!!! Wish I had thought to have the man take some better pictures, soo much excitement - will be better in the future!

  3. Really cute dress and the shoes are just too fab! Glad you had such a great time!

  4. You look fabulous. Those wedges are AMAZING!

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