Friday, May 28, 2010

looong weekend ahead

Happy Friday Lovlies!

I hope everyone is ready for the long weekend, and hopefully there are fun plans in your future! Just a friendly reminder to remember all of those who have served in our military (past present and future!) the reason for the Holiday weekend.

I have always supported our military and thought highly of everyone who chooses to serve our nation. Their heroism and devotion is unparalleled in my book! And I thank them for what they do! (Thanks!!!) This year is a little more near and dear to my heart, though. In a few short weeks my younger brother will begin his journey, his future, at the US Naval Academy!!! WAHHHO! I have gone on and on before about how amazing and special this guy is to me! He is a true example of what a solider is - selfless, devoted, strong, powerful, and smart to boot! I am soo proud of what lies ahead for him - for there are no bounds he can't break if he sets his mind to it!

so with out further ado... GOOOO NAVY!!!!!


  1. We shall never forget !!!

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