Friday, May 7, 2010

in or out

You are either IN or you are OUT. In or out with the whole romper thing.

Rompers are really back this summer, they started to come back last year, but whoa they are here! I was on the fence initially, toe dangling on either side. Cute or childish.

Then I found this and I was sold. Dunzo. Fini. But when I saw the price I died and didn't go to fashion heaven.


But I just found this, and I am thinking it is just silly to not get it!!!! I am thinking dressy with heels, casual with flats, bold necklaces, oh belts! I think I will be a great staple this summer! Ehhem wedding and honeymoon! So easy and chic!


Agreed? Yes, ok perfect!


  1. I say get it!
    You're right, dressy with heels or casual with flats or even fun with high wedges. I think they are super cute!


  2. Get it, get it, get it! I just bought one thanks to CheapChica, but when I received it, I thought it was a little too short for my booty. I'll be on the hunt for the perfect one. You skinny minny, MUST get this! xoxo

  3. Get it! It's great!
    I adore your blog and I will cerainly be coming back to read more from you :)) Please check out my blog too and if you like, comments and follows are much appreciated! :)) <3

    Have a fab day!!! xxx

  4. LOVE that first little number! Cute blog-I am officially your newest follower :)


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