Tuesday, May 18, 2010

hair-y situation

So I try not to blab everyday about wedding stuffs...but I need all your lovelies advice. Wedding Hair. I do not know what to do with my hair! AHH!

I waver every day. Down, UP, sexy curls, chignon....oh I don't know!

Here are a few of my fav's...what to you guys think??? Seriously need your help!

(And I haven't decided if I am going to wear a veil, most likely no - however I did just stumble onto an Etsy seller who makes them custom and for an elbow length one it is a steal! No LIE! So I may need to get it just in case?! And maybe a flower for my hair, depending on the style :S Oy vey mes amis!)


The one on the RIGHT >

Far RIGHT >>

Either, but the RIGHT a tiny bit more >

Far RIGHT >>

I will stop here for now, but any help would be greatly appreciated....short dress, rocking CL's - the hair is just so tough right now! (I am booking a trial run with my guy so I can settle down - for some reason the hair is getting me worried!) 


  1. Let's talk conditions: outside? chance of wind or rain? Also, when you pick out all of your favorite photos of yourself, how are you usually wearing your hair? Does it bother you if it changes with wear over the night? Does it bother you if it's in your face? After a night of dancing, do you always end up pulling it back? Or do you still love how it looks when you wear it down? Details, please!

  2. HA! I wear it down or thrown up in a messy bun mostly. We are jetting off to Vegas, indoor ceremony - non traditional dress (short cocktail dress), amazing sky high Loubitains, just ordered a short shoulder length veil (not 100% if I want to wear one)

    My hair is naturally kinda curly, and will hold a curl like no one's business so it won't 'fall' over the evening, in my face no problem...Thoughts????

  3. It sounds like this is your plan, but I think you need to do some trials and wear it with the collar-line of your dress and have a friend photograph you from all angles (all sides, back, smiling, laughing, etc.) and then pick out your favorite images. It looks like you usually wear your hair down for special occasions (bachelorette, shower...) so I'd think you'd go down, but then maybe you want something that seems more unusual than comfortable? And maybe up would be a nice contrast with the short dress (more formal?) I liked the (increased) assurance with hair-up that it wouldn't go limp, but you don't seem to have that issue and it looks great down... I'm sure you'll look great either way!

  4. Love the far right last row of Gwen hair. Beautiful!

  5. All the hair styles are nice and beautiful. All hair styles have its own value. But i like all.


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