Wednesday, May 5, 2010

go on.. brush your shoulders off

Well don' tgo brushing them too hard that you knock this beauty off! What beauty you say??? THIS ONE!

{Via} in Black

It appears I am not the only fashion chica who has been ogling this purse either! (here and here) -See baby I told you it was cute! And that I need it!!!!

I have been eying this fun handbag since last year (Marc Jacobs Hillier), and been lusting ever since! I love my LV Damier Neverfull GM, and my LV Speedy Monogram 30. They are both insane and purses I know I will have forever. They both happen to be some of the best gifts The Man has ever given me! But I want to treat myself to some pretty goods! Late birthday/early wedding gift to myself?!?! Sure, why not! :)

Plus I like to go 'hands-free' when shopping, and the Neverfull tends to get heavy because I some how feel the need to bring way too many 'items' when I carry it. Plus I know with some traveling in my future it will house my nice camera perfectly without being too bulky and so easy to throw on while exploring.

Now to the hard part. Color. From day one I have had black in my mind, then a few weeks ago The Man and I were out shopping and stopped into the Marc Jacobs store in Bucktown - which is where I spotted Her.


And then HER!

Tourmaline Green

So do I stick with my gut choice - that will go with just about everything, or get a little color that won't clash too much....AHH! Decisions decisions!


  1. ah! my sister has this one in the steel. i have the classic q groovee. i love marc by marc jacobs!

  2. Steel definitely has my heart. Gorgeous!

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