Wednesday, May 26, 2010

DIY: Dining al fresco

For those of you lovely folks where your winter months aren't inundated with snow fall after snow fall, after and after. Oh and freezing temps. OK I will get off my soap box now! Anyway my point is, for those of you a bit south, you may still see bushes and green and life outside of humans and pets from Dec-March. Well not here in Chicago.

So after a loooong winter and uncooperative 'supposed' spring, here is what our balcony looked like. Boring. Metal. Dusty. Boring. Yuck.

Well, mother nature was in a grrrreat mood this weekend, and granted us with NO RAIN!!! So I was finally able to get my green-thumb on!!! Man I am sooo glad to have some greenery back in my life!!!!

Here is the Balcony pre-summerification (Yes, it is a term, you haven't heard!!!)


And drum roll please.......


My Little Tomato Plant!!!! A little garden in the sky 
Yes I did buy a pre-planted one, having to wait so long into the season to get decent weather - there isn't enough time for it is grow larger enough to fruit...before the dreaded (I can't say it) the W word - don't judge! ;) 

Now, just imagine the table isn't a rusty eye-sore, and that the BBQ was fired up and cooking some yummy treats! Oh wait those two items are turning out to be my demise! GRRRR.....

Lets see last years brand spanking new BBQ decided not to work this year, and of course the company doesn't make that specific model anymore and are being less than helpful getting us a needed replacement piece. And that table - my garbage find from the beginning of winter (someone's trash was my FREE treasure!!!) Minus the rust, she'll be perfect! I went to get some rust-o-lium to pretty her up - only to find out you can't buy spray paint of any kind within the city limits!  Harummph! Thank you to all the taggers and snuffers (or is it huffers...I am not really sure)! I guess I need to drive 20 miles out to make her pretty...but beauty is pain (in-the-ass) right?!?!?! 

How have you gotten prepped for summer????


  1. I live in Chicago too, so this weather is making me search high and low for some great patio furniture. I can't wait to get some plants, too!

    Great porch.

    Anna Jane

  2. Try Craigslist, esp now with people moving, and IKEA has great cheap sets!


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