Wednesday, May 19, 2010


No, not like in college!!! ;)

As in a Blazer!!! I often look at photos of celebrities to get inspiration on how to pair items in my closet, how to use them in a different way or all together, new ways to use the pieces I already have.

Lately I have been loving a ton of Kourtney Kardashian's looks. Maybe it is because she is getting to wear next to nothing while in Sunny LA and Miami, or maybe bc her looks are put together by an amazing stylist, or maybe just because I like her (don't judge I love the 'Keepin up' show!)!!!

Here are a few of my favorites as of late! Both include a awesome white blazer, kinda a Boyfriend blazer-style...for some reason I canNOT find one I like or that seems to work on me! Sad. Face. (The shoulders or either way too big, the price waaay to high, or just not 'it')

Where have you found good blazers at? Reasonably priced?

These seem like cute ones, but I wish I could try them on before purchasing!!!!



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  1. Hi!
    thanks for your comment, honestly the best place to find great tailored blazers are thrift stores, or vintage shops.
    I have a white one that I love love love.


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