Monday, May 24, 2010

applies HERE!

This article made me seriously LOL (Real LOUD!) because it is sooo true!!! For NYC or my City (Chicago) or any big metro city, in my opinion.

Check out it out and take note! Or else I might bump right smack into you rushing on my lunch hour trying to cram in necessary shopping! Or just trying to go get some nibbles!

Anyone else have any tourist tips for your city?! :)


  1. Hhahahaha! OMG! So true! I used to work in the "old" fashion district and had to walk past MACY's and Empire State building everyday-I never understood why people stopped to take pictures of the freakin windows!! Tourists would kill my morning run/walk to work routine!

  2. I've never been to NYC but I would like to one day, it's only 6 hours drive from where I live :D

  3. NYC - the best city in the world !

  4. Try to avoid the tourist trap beach of Clearwater and hit up St. Pete instead. That's my Florida tourist dealing tip!


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