Friday, May 28, 2010

looong weekend ahead

Happy Friday Lovlies!

I hope everyone is ready for the long weekend, and hopefully there are fun plans in your future! Just a friendly reminder to remember all of those who have served in our military (past present and future!) the reason for the Holiday weekend.

I have always supported our military and thought highly of everyone who chooses to serve our nation. Their heroism and devotion is unparalleled in my book! And I thank them for what they do! (Thanks!!!) This year is a little more near and dear to my heart, though. In a few short weeks my younger brother will begin his journey, his future, at the US Naval Academy!!! WAHHHO! I have gone on and on before about how amazing and special this guy is to me! He is a true example of what a solider is - selfless, devoted, strong, powerful, and smart to boot! I am soo proud of what lies ahead for him - for there are no bounds he can't break if he sets his mind to it!

so with out further ado... GOOOO NAVY!!!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

DIY: Dining al fresco

For those of you lovely folks where your winter months aren't inundated with snow fall after snow fall, after and after. Oh and freezing temps. OK I will get off my soap box now! Anyway my point is, for those of you a bit south, you may still see bushes and green and life outside of humans and pets from Dec-March. Well not here in Chicago.

So after a loooong winter and uncooperative 'supposed' spring, here is what our balcony looked like. Boring. Metal. Dusty. Boring. Yuck.

Well, mother nature was in a grrrreat mood this weekend, and granted us with NO RAIN!!! So I was finally able to get my green-thumb on!!! Man I am sooo glad to have some greenery back in my life!!!!

Here is the Balcony pre-summerification (Yes, it is a term, you haven't heard!!!)


And drum roll please.......


My Little Tomato Plant!!!! A little garden in the sky 
Yes I did buy a pre-planted one, having to wait so long into the season to get decent weather - there isn't enough time for it is grow larger enough to fruit...before the dreaded (I can't say it) the W word - don't judge! ;) 

Now, just imagine the table isn't a rusty eye-sore, and that the BBQ was fired up and cooking some yummy treats! Oh wait those two items are turning out to be my demise! GRRRR.....

Lets see last years brand spanking new BBQ decided not to work this year, and of course the company doesn't make that specific model anymore and are being less than helpful getting us a needed replacement piece. And that table - my garbage find from the beginning of winter (someone's trash was my FREE treasure!!!) Minus the rust, she'll be perfect! I went to get some rust-o-lium to pretty her up - only to find out you can't buy spray paint of any kind within the city limits!  Harummph! Thank you to all the taggers and snuffers (or is it huffers...I am not really sure)! I guess I need to drive 20 miles out to make her pretty...but beauty is pain (in-the-ass) right?!?!?! 

How have you gotten prepped for summer????

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I finally got my first bunch of Peonies for the season!!! I love loove looooove this flower! They are fragrant, so girlie and just too dang cute!

I am in love!!!! They totally made my weekend and this week so much better!

Monday, May 24, 2010

applies HERE!

This article made me seriously LOL (Real LOUD!) because it is sooo true!!! For NYC or my City (Chicago) or any big metro city, in my opinion.

Check out it out and take note! Or else I might bump right smack into you rushing on my lunch hour trying to cram in necessary shopping! Or just trying to go get some nibbles!

Anyone else have any tourist tips for your city?! :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

'Hard'ly boring

Have you seen 'Gap's" newest designer collaboration??? Another fun store joining forces with a top name designer, so 'regular' folk can get in on the action! ;)

These are by Pierre Hardy, and totally summer worthy!!!! I saw a mention of this a while back, and waited it out til I saw them online! They are great, pick up the nude and floral trend of the season! A total smash! I just wish they still had my size!!!


Have a great weekend my lovlies!! Hope the weather is nice! And Happy Friday til then! 

Thursday, May 20, 2010


What I wouldn't do, or what body part I would hawk to own this dress!!!! O mon deu! (That's 'oh my' in French if you didn't take a number of years of HS French like me!)


Wednesday, May 19, 2010


No, not like in college!!! ;)

As in a Blazer!!! I often look at photos of celebrities to get inspiration on how to pair items in my closet, how to use them in a different way or all together, new ways to use the pieces I already have.

Lately I have been loving a ton of Kourtney Kardashian's looks. Maybe it is because she is getting to wear next to nothing while in Sunny LA and Miami, or maybe bc her looks are put together by an amazing stylist, or maybe just because I like her (don't judge I love the 'Keepin up' show!)!!!

Here are a few of my favorites as of late! Both include a awesome white blazer, kinda a Boyfriend blazer-style...for some reason I canNOT find one I like or that seems to work on me! Sad. Face. (The shoulders or either way too big, the price waaay to high, or just not 'it')

Where have you found good blazers at? Reasonably priced?

These seem like cute ones, but I wish I could try them on before purchasing!!!!



Tuesday, May 18, 2010

hair-y situation

So I try not to blab everyday about wedding stuffs...but I need all your lovelies advice. Wedding Hair. I do not know what to do with my hair! AHH!

I waver every day. Down, UP, sexy curls, chignon....oh I don't know!

Here are a few of my fav's...what to you guys think??? Seriously need your help!

(And I haven't decided if I am going to wear a veil, most likely no - however I did just stumble onto an Etsy seller who makes them custom and for an elbow length one it is a steal! No LIE! So I may need to get it just in case?! And maybe a flower for my hair, depending on the style :S Oy vey mes amis!)


The one on the RIGHT >

Far RIGHT >>

Either, but the RIGHT a tiny bit more >

Far RIGHT >>

I will stop here for now, but any help would be greatly appreciated....short dress, rocking CL's - the hair is just so tough right now! (I am booking a trial run with my guy so I can settle down - for some reason the hair is getting me worried!) 

Monday, May 17, 2010

showering again!

I am not sure how I got sooo lucky, but this past weekend I was thrown a second bridal shower in AUSTIN Texas, home of my Mom and Brother (Hosted by one of my Mom's lovely friends!) It was an absolute blast, I mean we drank Mimosas allll morning and ate the most delicious food, and talked and talked! What is not to love!

It was also sooooo nice to get away from the frigid town I live in, enjoy 80 degree temps! To see my brother, chat endlessly with Mom and get to eat some tasty food.... all weekend!

Here are some bits of my weekend!

No detail was left undone!!!! The decor was sooo prefect and amazing! 

My Beautiful Mom and I

Desperatlyley trying to 'not break the bow' - You have never heard of this either, same here! Well from what I understand (or so I was told!) there is an old wives tale, saying etc - that for every bow you break while opening gifts at your bridal shower is how many children you will have! Baby I was trying really hard to be 'good' I only broke ONE! ;)

The GRACIOUS HOST, Myself and MOM! 

Me and the Bro - At one of the last dinners as a single girl with him! And last without him being able to totally dominate me in everything....the only thing I have left against this smarty is a College degree! He leaves for the US Naval Acdemy in just a few weeks! (I should probably introduce you to him now, he will probably be our president one day! I am not kidding this kid is a rockstar!) 

Bro and Mom! 

How was your weekend??? Did you do anything fun? Next weekend I plan to do somethings around the house, got to start this domestic wifely stuff sooner or later....well learn how to do it! :) 

Friday, May 14, 2010

second time's a charm!

Have a wonderful weekend and HAPPY FRIDAY my lovelies!


I am off for a second Bridal Shower (Mom's gracious friend is hosting one for me with all my Mom's ladies!!!) in Austin, see ya'll Monday!

Any outstanding weekend plans??? I will be enjoying the HEAT, cuz girl do I need it!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Oh what I wouldn't do to own a table's worth of any of these.....A girl can dream right?!

{ALL Via}

The price of one could feed a small family for a month! But I think I am going to start saving pennies, the second has my heart all sorts of messed up! I am in love. (Sorry Babe!) These have been on my favorite list for the past few years!

I am thinking start with one, set it up a vinyet (Lamp, mirror, side table - ya know?). Save and get another - then have two awesome "head of the table" chairs....and let the 3rd and 4th trickle in over say the next century!

I guess at some point the Man and I will have to get a better dining table to go along....oy.

Do you have any major statement pieces of furniture you wish you owed? Could Afford? (I am also going to get my pretty fingers on an Eames recliner one of these days too...some way some how!)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

seeing RED

I don't have a red handbag in my collection (sad I know!) But today when I stumbled on this, I was majorly lusting....or maybe it was all the Novocaine in my head jumbling up my pretty thoughts (dentist appt at lunch, BOO HOO)! But I would go with the lusting!


And I have gone on and on about how I have wanted a Foley and Corinna for quite some time now (evidence here)....This might be the one! The price isn't half bad either!!!!!!!!

Do you have a statement colored bag in your collection of purses???? Am I totally missing out?!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I wanna get in HIS pants

Not literally...but figuratively! (Naughty Birds!!!)

I have been looking and searching for the perfect 'Boyfriend' Jeans, and man for some reason it is turning out to be soo hard for me!

I have found wallet friendly versions at H&M - but they just don't fit right. Mom keeps telling me to go to Gap, but every time I am near one I never think to look. I have saved this picture for a long time, from Piperlime (Nope, no endorsement deals here...just where I look!).


I am in LOVE! But they don't have them in my size anymore! Let alone this pair!

Does anyone know of a good place to get some?! (Yes, I know the trend may be over - but I still want some!!!)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Music Monday is BACK!!! She needed a short vacation, don't we all! LOL (man I am cheesy!)

Sometimes you just need to rock out to a cheesy song!!! Maybe an old favorite, maybe an angry song, maybe your favorite love song....Do you have those days??? After a breakup you sing your favorite get revenge song, or when you are getting ready to go out - you turn on some loud dance music?? I am not the only one right?!?

Ok, so while relaxing this weekend, catching up on my blog reading and online shopping this song came on the shuffle, and I totally sang out loud for the whole thing (Much to the Man's enjoyment...I'm sure!)! I may have not replayed it a few times to sing it again. Don't judge, k? Thanks! (But come'on you remember this one!)

What is your favorite song to sing along to? To make you instantly feel happier?

Friday, May 7, 2010

in or out

You are either IN or you are OUT. In or out with the whole romper thing.

Rompers are really back this summer, they started to come back last year, but whoa they are here! I was on the fence initially, toe dangling on either side. Cute or childish.

Then I found this and I was sold. Dunzo. Fini. But when I saw the price I died and didn't go to fashion heaven.


But I just found this, and I am thinking it is just silly to not get it!!!! I am thinking dressy with heels, casual with flats, bold necklaces, oh belts! I think I will be a great staple this summer! Ehhem wedding and honeymoon! So easy and chic!


Agreed? Yes, ok perfect!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

nude attack

Nudes, and pale tones are all the rage this spring - as you can see in all the magazines, as well as from this past weekends Costume Institute Gala at the MET.

I am completely blown away by Anne Hathaway's gown. Come on - STUNNING!

I can totally picture this as one absolutely stunning wedding gown! I know right. Maybe in the dead of winter - ice white and warm, sparky gold....yes just contact me for all your wedding ideas!

Did you guys have a fav???

PS - did you see Katy Perry's light up number?! OMG, not my cup of tea!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

go on.. brush your shoulders off

Well don' tgo brushing them too hard that you knock this beauty off! What beauty you say??? THIS ONE!

{Via} in Black

It appears I am not the only fashion chica who has been ogling this purse either! (here and here) -See baby I told you it was cute! And that I need it!!!!

I have been eying this fun handbag since last year (Marc Jacobs Hillier), and been lusting ever since! I love my LV Damier Neverfull GM, and my LV Speedy Monogram 30. They are both insane and purses I know I will have forever. They both happen to be some of the best gifts The Man has ever given me! But I want to treat myself to some pretty goods! Late birthday/early wedding gift to myself?!?! Sure, why not! :)

Plus I like to go 'hands-free' when shopping, and the Neverfull tends to get heavy because I some how feel the need to bring way too many 'items' when I carry it. Plus I know with some traveling in my future it will house my nice camera perfectly without being too bulky and so easy to throw on while exploring.

Now to the hard part. Color. From day one I have had black in my mind, then a few weeks ago The Man and I were out shopping and stopped into the Marc Jacobs store in Bucktown - which is where I spotted Her.


And then HER!

Tourmaline Green

So do I stick with my gut choice - that will go with just about everything, or get a little color that won't clash too much....AHH! Decisions decisions!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

OOTD: my birthday suit

My Outfit of the Day for my Birthday.Bridal Shower.Girls night out is one I am totally IN LOVE WITH!!!!

I felt so cute and it was super comfortable! The shoes got sooo many compliments and they too rocked my world! I will be rocking those shoes many, many times in the future! And I can't wait to re-wear this dress over and over this summer!  With flats, neutrals- you name it I will try it!

Rag & Bone Dress {via}, Jeffery Campbell 'Tick' Wedges {via}

The Back of the dress is such a surprise!!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

bridal shower/birthday party/girls night out!

Saturday was my Birthday. Bridal Shower. And a Girl's Night out!!! Boy was it great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some pictures from the night. I will be back with an Outfit recap....a certain someone has been begging for it for a couple weeks now!!!! :)

Mrs Neighbor (AKA Mrs Valentine),  Miss C and I, at our place before our night out!

Off we go in a limo...with Mr. Bubbly!

Mrs Skinny, loving the Bubbly!!!

The whole gang!!! 
(Miss C, Cousin D, Cousin G, Me, MOM, Mrs Skinny, & Mrs Valentine)

My AMAZING MOM! The most gracious Host and party planner! 

On Michigan Ave

Brady Bunch poses! 
(What you don't see is the Bus full of Asian tourists taking pictures of us having our picture taken!)

At POP's for Champagne

OH BELLINI!!!!!!!! 

The Man came at surprised me at the end of the night....Miss Skinny, the Man and I stayed out much later than the rest of the group...hey it was my birthday and I wanted to! ;) 

Thus, this is how we spent Sunday!!!! Our little snuggle Buddy! 

How was your weekend???? Mine was pretty spectacular!!!!!!!