Monday, April 26, 2010

way way way ahead

Way, way, way, way, way^10 (that's way to th 10th degree for all my non-math ladies) in the future I want this! Next winter, which I will not accept for next 17.35 months, I plan to wear something just like this. I want to look like this. I am getting pieces so I can look like this.

I don't know why, but I LOOOVE this look.


Am I alone out here....wouldn't this be a hot date night look...with a cute dress under that coat.

Wait why am I thinking about winter....I should be pondering summer outfits/lusts. Pretty hard when we haven't seen above 50 yet! Le sigh, one day we will! (I am GTL'ing it hard core - not so hard on the L, there is only so much of it around and come'on it gets old real quick! But had to start tanning, I was glowing and transparent - couldn't take it anymore, plus with my Bridal shower looming need to sport a bit of color on exposed legs!).


  1. I love that look too! There not many she wears that I don't love.

  2. This really is a fabulous look. It's ok your planning ahead for fall. We all get excited for the upcoming season we are not in. xo Mish


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