Friday, March 19, 2010

nerd alert!

How freaking cool is this! Thanks to the blogging world (here, and here) I have been able to make it through the day, under the weather-at work-waiting to go get these NON SJP highlights taken care of! Man I feel like poop! I hope to get rid of this bug this weekend!

Any who...I have been trolling the greatest thing since sliced bread... literally all darn day! What is it you ask?! I know I am scattered brained an can't think clearly today either! 

Ok, so the New York Public Library has added a digital library. You can search for images of everything! And you can PRINT for FREEEEEEE!!!!! I am now trying to figure out what I need an where!  I personally am drawn to the floor plans. Weird I know, I tried to explain to the Man my obsession with them while we were in the Modern Wing but he just didn't get it. 

Typical floor plan of the Hend... Digital ID: 417142. New York Public Library

Map showing transportation fac... Digital ID: 417140. New York Public Library

Four decorative compositions Digital ID: 74810. New York Public Library

OMG please go...look! Fall in love. Tell them I sent you! JK, maybe they will let em order a few prints for free! (You can buy copies as well - larger sizes) I can't tell you how amazing this is! 

What were your favs????


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