Monday, March 29, 2010

i've been holding out....such as tease!

So..... The wedding. I told you I would get to it eventually!! Well here I AM.

Back in Dec the Man asked me to be his wife. His WIFE!!!!!! It was one of the best moments of my life. I was completely surprised, elated and couldn't have wished for anything better! (here!)

After many, many ...*read: many many many many* we decided we would get married this June. Holy 6 months to plan! Thank goodness I am a planner and didn't feel any stress about the 'less than 1.45 years of planning' lots of people take. (Again, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, I do not mean to offend or anything of the sort. We are just doing what works best for 'US'. And that is always the key when anyone plans their wedding! US needs to be numero UNO!)

So the date was set, on to the venue and all those other glorious details! *insert more-many conversations here* We thought about the generous gifts of my parents (Big shout out to the parents you guys are great! As if you didn't know already!), and how it would best suit us to use those gifts. And we decided we were going to elope! And use the gifts towards our future as a couple. As Man and Wife.

CRAZY right?!?!?! I know. And I couldn't be more excited!!!!! But this is exactly who we are, we both march to the beat of our drums (probably me more so than him, but it is that balance that makes us absolutely perfect for each other!), and this day would truly be about us, our love and our future together!

So the weekend of June 19th we will be flying to Vegas, for a fun-filled, love sharing weekend of relaxation-marriage-sun-happiness-and love! And MARRIAGE OH YEA!

(I wonder if we are gonna be able to get to the Neon Graveyard for some pics like this?! Gonna have to chat with teh photographer!!!! )

So for the next 36-hours Mom and I are on a reconnaissance mission to sort out the details, scope out places for some awesome pictures, dinner local, after dinner dancing, best pool spots to catch rays Fri and Saturday and just to have a little bit of a break from reality back home! I can't wait.....I hope I can figure out what to pack, because darn it is hard to pack for warmth when it has only been 35-40degrees for the past month!


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