Monday, March 22, 2010

how to MAKE IT, BABY!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG, do you guys watch 'How to Make in America' on HBO???? If not you should! LIKE NOW.

It totally does not help my obsession and unnatural desire to live in NY. No not ONE bit! I guess I should explain....I have an unnatural obsession with NYC, and a need to live in NY. It started as a kid... my Uncle was a Big Wig at Times Mirror, lived on Park Ave, and house in the Hampton's - and it has evolved from there, every time I go I never want to leave. I have a feeling that it is something that is just meant for me. I can't explain it but it is is this overwhelming feeling and some way, some how it will eventually be a reality. (I hope sooner than later!)

Any who, I am completely enamored with the show (But come-on HBO MAKE IT AN HOUR!!!!!!! Does anyone know someone who can pull some strings?! As well as cast me, cuz those boys are HAWT! Bryan Greenberg...droll! [Sorry babe!]). And I hate to admit it, but I get giddy when the show comes on. I even danced around to the intro last night, much to the Man's chagrin.

So come'on and dance with me!!! :) Yes I am a goof (but if you can't laugh at yourself, then who can you laugh at?!)!

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  1. My mom and brother rave about this show - I've yet to catch it! I'm making a note of it now so I at least set up the DVR - thanks for the reminder!


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