Thursday, March 25, 2010

dreamers....and drinkers!

I think, I found this out in Blogland this AM, but the corner of the picture has that site! Sorry my coffee wasn't working yet! Martha also has a version, but I was too tired to find it online, I have it ripped from her magazine. 

If the man and I were having a traditional wedding...this would totally be our table centerpiece! Could you imagine all the girl's and date nights necessary to accumulate the 'proper' amount! The fun!

Simple, modern, sweet and totally US, well what i think is US! (We march to the beat of our own drums! no flowers or mirrors here, not that there is anything wrong with it, just not 'us')

You can sure bet I will be recreating something at home for a dinner party or an arrangement fo shizz!

And lovies I promise to spill about the wedding thing soon....maybe this weekend, since it is supposed to rain. AGAIN! (Thanks mother nature for holding it til the weekend two weeks in a row!)


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