Monday, March 1, 2010

blush, giggle, sigh...rinse and repeat!

OMGoodness! I am sooo honored to have recieved an award....a BLOG award! I recieved this bad-boy....well more of a beautiful girl... well anyways... I recieved this wonderful award from no other than Mrs. Valentine!!! She is a witty, spicy, amazing and talented woman. We have bonded over our So-Cal roots, Chicago lives, dreams of life in warmth, memories the beach, Cali food and our fondness for cocktails! (Who happens to be one of my real life BEST friends too! So I get the best of both worlds with this little lover!). She awarded me a Beautiful Blogger award! :)

Ok so to hold up my part of the deal, I now need to follow up and do a few more things. This award comes with a littel to-do list. My kinda award! HA!

1 - A little shout to the person who gave you this....well see above, but in case you missed it. Mrs. Valentine has an awesomely wonderful blog, where she talks about cheese, her wild pack of dogs (JK Jake is the man, and Beans who wouldn't love her!) and a whole lot of other greatness. We used to be real life neighbors til her and the hubby went all 'Burb-a-licious, now the man and I stare off into the sunset, lonely. No, but seriously the Man and I miss the Valentine's and all our impromptu summer BBQ's!

2 - Link you up to their blogity-blog...again see above (or to the right). West by Midwest, by the one and only Mrs. Valentine. Wow I have been so proactive, so early today!

3 - Post the award...Well DUH! Check and Check. Everyone likes to show off their awards, so it is front and center!

4- Now I am to list 7 interesting facts about myself. Hmm, well okay, I already did 10 things you probably wouldn't know about me a while lets see what embarassing fact-oids I can dig up. Don't judge internet world!

- I totally want to be just like my younger brother when I grow up. Thank gawd I am 10 years older than him, I wouldn't have survived in his awesomely perfect wake. I am not sure he even knows the magnitude of my admiration and love I have for him and everything he acheives. I wish I could be just a quarter of what he is! He is freaking awesome!

- I have given CPR and saved a girls life. No pats on the back, you just go into survival mode and do what you know how. I guess you probably want to know more than here we go. Over the summer of junior year in college, Mom, Bro and I were in the FL Keys enjoying the last days of summer, and tanning poolside. One of the other children at the pool (a HS aged girl) decided to try jumping into the deep end and then shimmying around the edge to the shallow side. Deep into the latest In Touch or US Weekly, Mom and I were paying no attention. Bro screams to come help and everyone leaps up. Another gentleman dives right in, and grabs her from the bottom, I immediately follow suit. We get her limp body to the surface, her family is now poolside screaming. I get out and Mom, Bro, another gentleman and myself pull her out. The men get the family to step back, and I kinda took over. Checking her airway, watching for breath, tilt back the head, pinch the nose, and away we go. About 5-7 times trought he CPR cycle she starts coughing, gently try and roll her, so she can rid what's in her lungs. A few moments later the paramedicas are there. They wisked her away. We found out later she was life-flighted to Maimi due to the amount of water in her lungs.

Ok, too deep??? onto funky, interesting and embarassing facts!
- I have no birthmark. (Editors note....It was removed as a baby so I have a 4inch scar on my back.) But sounds way cooler when I say I have none.

- I took sign language in college, as my foreign language. So between the 4 years of French in HS and this, I still don't know a lick Spanish and I grew up miles from the border....Well I mean you learn how to find the 'banos' and how to get another 'cervesa' at like childbirth in SD, but beyond that. Nope.

- As a kid, I always dreamed of breaking my arm, in hopes of getting a cast! A cast was key! the point I am sure I made a news years resoultion to do it in grade school, only to told that is not what a resolution was. None of the bones I have broken have ever required a cast, sholder, collarbone, toes...nope.

- List freak. I am sure if I wouldn't go to the looney bin I would have a master list, tracking all my sub lists. Baby Name List. Target List. To-Do List. Wedding Lists out the ying-yang. Lists of things for the Man to-do.

- Reality show whore. You name it have probably at some point watched it, DVR'd it, etc. Current obessions are: Kell on Earth, Project Runway, Keeping up with the Kardashians, 16 & Preggers, The Hills, The City (when on), Amazing Race. Ok enough now.

5 - Now I get to nominate 7 of you lovies to recieve the award! In no particular order here are some of my favorite reads!

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  1. Thank you so much for selecting us! What a nice surprise to return to. :)

  2. WOW what an amazing story!! And WOW thank you!

  3. Thank you so much! And WOW! Saving someones life is pretty incredible and I am sure she is thankful you were at the pool that day!

  4. thank you girl! your blog is amazing!!!!
    xoxo, sdbride and sfbride

  5. Hi there, I log on to your blogs regularly. Your humoristic style
    is witty, keep it up!

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