Monday, January 4, 2010

Cooking Files: Pasta, with Goat Cheese, Asparagus and grilled Chicken

Sometimes when you need to get warm from somewhere should make a super easy & tasty pasta dish! I did just this tonight!

It was freezing cold today. The first Monday back to work after a wonderful and long holiday weekend....and because pasta makes everything better! :)

This is a super quick and easy recipe for a simple and hearty creamy pasta. I have seen this recipe on the web before, but this was my on the fly version.

I hope you try it and enjoy it as much as I did!!!

Ingredients (ONLY 5 FOLKS!):

- Box of you favorite noodles (I choose shells, but you could do penne, or the swirllies (is that a technical name?!) or even better the healthier wheat version!)
- Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
- Spices for your chicken - On creamier, subtle pastas or with mashed potatoes I like to add a bit of flavor, but feel free to season them as you like (maybe a lemon-garlic, simple salt and name it!) I used Lawry's, Chicken grill seasoning, garlic salt, and a sprinkle of cajun
- Asparagus (one bunch should do!)
- Alouette - a creamy goat cheese normally used for crackers or appetizers (I used the garlic and herb version)

This makes about 3 meal size servings....dinner for two and a lunch for work?! You can easily make it dinner for 4 with a nice leafy salad and crunchy garlic bread!

Okay here we go!

1- Start your water for the pasta

2- Season your your likening! (You could also do boneless chicken tenders or thighs what ever tickles you!) I also drizzled in a little EVOO for some extra moisture.

3- Once your water is boiling go ahead and toss in the pasta!

4- Now I would start heating your grill pan, or outdoor grill for the chicken over med to med-high heat.

5- Rinse and dry your asparagus. Then slice it up! Make sure to chop off the tough bottom ends. I did about 1.5 inch slices on the diagonal.

6- Put the chicken on! And cook it! ABout 3-4 minutes a side, all depending on what type you chose.

7- Now to cook the asparagus! You can toss into the pasta for the last three minutes or like I did, blanched it in about an inch of water in a small saute pan. For about 3-4 minutes, until fork tender.

8- When doen, drain both the pasta and pasta!

9- Pour them both back into the pasta pan.

10- Now add in the Alouette. No rhyme or reason here folks....I started with a scoop, and added a bit more. The heat from the freshly cooked pasta and asparagus will melt it into a delicious goodness!!! (As soon as this happens you can smell the goodness of the cheese!) I used between 1/3 and a half of the container...don't judge! I like it creamy and hey it iis Monday and I could if I wanted too! (And I did!!!)

11- Slice up the grilled chicken.

12- Now time to EAT! Pasta into the bowl, and the chicken on top....EAT, NOSH, and ENJOY!!!

GO TRY IT!!!! (yes, Mom I am hinting at you!!! You can do this!!! so easy - tastes like alfredo and the boys will like it!)


  1. ok salivating! This looks delicious especially the last photo, topped w grilled chicken!!!!!

  2. TRY IT!!!!!!!! So yummy and sooo easy!

  3. i made this last night :) i put in sauteed mushrooms and bacon bits. lol. quite the way to indulge!

  4. Yum! Great idea! I think I will try this out with broccoli instead of asparagus! Thanks!


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