Friday, January 29, 2010

we eat meat here

A couple nights ago the Man and I went and registered at Crate and Barrel. (I think I enjoyed it a little bit too much....planning out dinner parties well before we have a table to seat four and any of these things!)

But anyways, afterwards we decided to continue the date night and go try out a new restuarant we have been really dying to eat at. (So much so I am almost afraid to speak of the place!) But alas, here I am! I can't keep from sharing with you. (all three readers!)

We went to go and try out Kuma's Corner. Our first attempt to eat here was foiled a few Friday night's ago (A wait of over two hours), so we said what they hay lets try on a week night. And boy I am sure glad we did.

Kuma's is not fancy, it is not fine dining. But what it is good, it is a bar with Jack and Jameson on TAP (yes, you read that right!) that happens to serve some killer burgers and some really good other stuff. This try we only waited about 15 minutes, almost snagged two stools a the bar (which is first come first serve) but alas no luck. While we waited I enjoyed the ambiance, I really like that small neighborhood feel, while sipping my Jack and coke.

Kuma's is a bit grundy, a bit rock and roll and tons of attitude. Check out this clip from their website:
But, first, Some information for when you get here, to make your trip enjoyable for all. Including us:
1) We do not take reservations.
2) We will not “put on the game, bro”
3) No music requests.
4) No Minors after 10pm.
5) Our kitchen is only 16×6. Please be patient.

The Man and I decided to start off by splitting the Mac N' cheese (hey folks, don't judge - this is why I work out so much, so I can eat like a fat kid on occasion). The two toppings we choose were bacon and caramelized onions. Come'on Bacon, we think that is a silly question too!

And for our burgers.... I went with the Iron Madien (same thing Lady Gaga got a week ago when she was eating here) and the Man got The Clutch. There were only about.. umm ALL of them I wanted to try!

My burger was delish! Not to spicy, but with a tiny kick. The avocado cooled it right off. The Man described his as the perfect amount of cheese, not overwhelming but just right. The meat is suburb (good quality) and the pretzel roll bun YUM!

We brought home half the mac n cheese, and we each took home some fries and half a burger. (Best leftovers  EVER!)

We will surely be back!!! As much as I like trying new places, we normally go to a solid few over and over! Must go explore this city.

(sorry for the crappy photos, taken with an ailing Crackberry)


  1. Okay, the logo on the menu of that place is PRICELESS! I'd eat anywhere that has a big howling bear on the menu! ;)

    Followed you here from 20SB, and leaving you some commenty love! :D (And some following love too, haha)

  2. Have to add that place to my next trip to Chicago.


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