Tuesday, January 26, 2010

style file - SAG awards 2010

'tis the season for Award shows, this past weekend it was the SAG's.

Again, I din't watch the actual awards, but def tuned in pre-show to check out the fashion!

Here are my FAVS!!!!

WOW to Diane Kruger.....Yummy!!!! (by Jason Wu) A little Michelle williams, but different enough that I am in love. The asymmetrical neckline, the draping. I really loved it...Can I wear for a wedding dress?!?!

Thankfully Kate Hudson got it right this week! I LOVED the Pucci gown (straight from the spring runway!) the backless and jewels!!!!!

And I know I may be the only one, but I really enjoyed the dress Sandra Bullock wore (Alexander McQueen). It was not the same old black number. The sequins and cut-outs around the neckline, really did it for me. So I may be going against most critiques, but I TOTALLY DIG IT!

I also really like Christina Applegate (baby blue dream!!! and the jeweled back + perfect hair!), Penelope Cruz (Black stunner again!), and Anna Paquin (may not have been the best for the SAG's but she definitely knows her body and what works for her, but I still really liked it!)

And again on my WORST dressed list is Drew Barrymore...Drew, Drew Drew! (Monique Luhillier) (It would have been a hit, if the horrible thigh length layer was hacked off). The color did wonders for her, and the bodice was perfect...but as a whole - YUCKY! Me no likely!!!!

Did you guys have any major YES's or NO's from this event???

I am really excited to see the fashion of next week's Grammies!!!! They are always a little more fashion forward, daring and fun! I wonder what will walk down the red carpet, and who will be wearing it!


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