Saturday, January 30, 2010

sharing is caring

We eat healthy here too...don't get us wrong!

Doggieman says "I am just helping Mommy out here... I bugged her and she had a second 'nana to share with me! "

What your dogs don't eat Bananas?! Phssh!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! I did a little damage shopping last night and will probably head out again today! *squeal*I got the most amazing shoes last night! (show and tell soon!)


  1. The next thing you know that dog will be using a fork and knife.

  2. too stinkin' cute!

    and btw, I love the idea of a weekly Music Monday ~ I would though, I'm all about alliteration ;)

  3. I KNOW! That skirt is just mind boggling...I mean, $2,100!!!? Anyway, is this your little furbaby! PRECIOUS!

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