Friday, January 8, 2010

one of those days

Today has been one of those days! TEAR! I am coining it a CRAPtastic day!

Let's see....walking to the bus stop I was sprayed with yucky dirty slush by a speeding car (if you didn't know, Chicago was inundated with snow yesterday and through the night). Startled I looked up and saw a bus, so I desparetly tried to hurry an catch it....but no! Waited for over 30 minutes for the next one.

While on the bus had a lady step on my foot over 10 times - one would think that she would have felt my evil glare, or noticed the ground all of a sudden got higher and bumpier, but NO! Arrive at work LATE (a personal pet peeve!) to a jam packed inbox (topping 30!)

I can't even seem to find anything to buy online to make me happy! I think I am treating myself to a mexican feast at lunch....Mexi makes me happy!

How have your Fridays been going???? LOL :)


  1. Mexican food makes me happy too :)

    I'm a SoCal girl in Ohio... :o


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