Wednesday, January 27, 2010

HOLY jhfal%ds#kjhfasdknflizv*t!


I am a celebrity gossip-whore. I am sad to admit it, but it is true. I read the smut magazines, by into all the trashy TV shows. Don't get me wrong, I love me some 20-20 or Sunday Morning.....hey it is people like me who make them famous, right?!?! (or maybe it isn't...oh I don't know!)

But somehow I missed the landslide...I mean announcement of the Hills, reality star, Heidi Montag's most recent plastic surgery debacle. HOLY Joan Rivers much, yes?!?!  I don't know where I was, maybe in wedding la-la land. But wowzas I missed a doozie! I am not against a nip and tuck or lift if that is what you choose, when aging starts to get you down. (key word in that sentenace is AGING, in case you missed it...AGING, like 60's!) But come-on a doctor that will perform a face-lift...excuse me brow lift on a 23 year old should have his license taken away! No joke.

Somewhere this poor girls wiring got screwed up, insane in the brain, loco... and now looks like a fake version of herself. It is tragic. When I stumbled onto these photos late Friday night, I was like who are they comparing her to in this fine print, jaw hits floor.

I am still shocked. I even had to pull the Man to the coputer to show him when he got off work on Saturday, I was still shocked. He replied, 'Wow that is so sad, she was kinda hot before.' (She was I ain't gonna lie, her body was good looking) But I can't get passed the new face. GROSS! And I almost forgot the TRIPLE D breast job....puke, I seriously puked in my mouth.

Have you all seen this?!?! Oh wait and her interview, where she claims God understands...shortly followed by her responded, I can't really move my face yet. SAD!


  1. So sad and wrong in so many ways. She looks like a tranny. Shame on that doctor for performing all of it!


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