Tuesday, January 19, 2010

dangerous lunges

Dangerous lunges...not to be confused with the luge, the dangerous luge (you know that winter sport where you hurl your spandex-covered body down and icy track to gain as much speed as humanly possibly). I recently incorporated some dangerous lunges into my work-out repertoire.

They are not dangerous for you to do, don't' get me wrong! They are the day-after dangerous kind! You will completely understand...just give me a moment!

They were very easy to complete so I threw in a few extra laps of them around the gym yesterday. And today, they are dangerous! I feel muscles in my rear I wasn't sure I owned (wait did I sign a lease for you?!). And even a couple deep in my inner thigh that may have grown out of no where over night! They are dangerous....dangerous when I walk down stairs - tingles and burns run galore! They are dangerous for when I bend over..... there is a chance I may not make it back up! :) They are dangerous, because now I am addicted!!!

You guys should try 'em! Take your standard lunge, and instead of stepping directly in front of you, cross the front foot. Stepping diagonally across your body, then bend. Repeat. Take it easy at first, but beware if you keep it up you are bound to be a hottie by swimsuit season (or so I keep telling myself!)! (I do my lunges holding 10-15lb free weights)

(I don't bend over like this photo, I keep my back upright and arms by my side - like a traditional lunge) 

Personally I love this tingly-burning sensation! LOVE IT!


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