Sunday, December 6, 2009

weekend recap

I hope everyone had a pleasant weekend!

I enjoyed mine thoroughly. It was our first 'real' cold one of the season, and temperature-wise not all that much fun, I promise!

Beyond dealing with a flooding washing machine (Uggh!), I did my best to steer clear from spending the entire time snuggled under blankets. I dragged out all the official winter gear, went to the gym, made some returns and picked up some goodies from Target. Then began all the HOLIDAY fun! I hung sparkly lights on our balcony and started decking the halls!

I feel like we are behind on getting the tree...but we were gone last weekend, so I am not sure when we were supposed to get it?! I guess I am just ready. I really enjoy this time of tends to be at its most manageable level, maybe people turn down the stress! People's spirits are high, the smiles are abundant and the cold weather makes you want to stay in and catch up with those close to you!

Cheers to a great Holiday season!


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