Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the tale of two heaters

The tale of two heaters goes a little something like this.... One heater WORKS and blows warm air onto cold household inhabitants. And one heater DOESN'T work or heat the house of those poor inhabitants. Mine has been the latter the past 5 DAYS!!!! We have been without heat since last Thursday!!!! Thursday folks! Thankfully Saturday and Sunday the temps rose a bit here in the CHI, so it wasn't unbearable...but still (stomp, stomp, whine, whine) I enjoy turning on the heater to break the evening chill, and make it easier to slide into the cold bed.

Thankfully the heating repair company got the broken part in this morning and now our heater is official one that WORKS! YIPPEE!

I was afraid I may turn into this if it lasted much longer! Especially since the temps are plummeting for the remainder of the week.

How have you guys been dealing with the chilly winter so far?

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