Thursday, December 3, 2009

grown up foods.... Mac N Cheese edition

After returning home from decent.. ie WARM weather this past weekend, I suddenly felt the urge to go home and hibernate after my first day back at work. Chicago is chilly and cloudy, and it gets dark waaaay too early! This weather, it makes me want to snuggle and relax on the couch. However after work I resisted and didn't sucomb to the comfy, NO I didn't....I had to go the grocery store, even the pantry was pretty empty, and the gym (girls got work hard to stay trim!) and then I made a grown up version of Mac 'n Cheese avec Chicken Tenders! COMFORT FOOD for the soul!!!!

I call it a grow-up version since I have graduated from the boxed Kraft Mac 'n Cheese (although there is always a healthy stash in my cubboards! it just wasn't going to cut it last night) and frozen breaded chicken this is a homemade pasta and cheese sauce with marinated grilled chicken. And boy let me tell you it was really good!!!

I saw this post for mac 'n cheese, so I had to try this reciepe, I modified it a bit (no tomoates, and changed up the noodle selection). Very simple to make....the longest part was waiting for the water to boil for hte noodles! And I promise staring at it won't make it bubble faster, I should know I tried plenty of times last night!

THese are the cast of characters who performed tonight!

All the cheese is grated, fresh bread crumbs crumbled, boneless skinless chicken breasts marinating
(I used a garlic herb marinade plus lemon peper, cajun seasoning, Lawry's and S&P)

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