Thursday, December 10, 2009

gave me a little chuckle...

The holidays can be stressful, fun, iritating and joyus all at the same aray of emotions, and sometimes even comical!

So Monday night we got our tree, or shall I say I got our tree.

Story commence: The Man and I planed to go on Tuesday after the gym...however when you live in the freezing north, ie the CHI- like us, one must take into account the weather. We haven't had much or any real snow this season so far, luckily (I think). So with a big storm expected, I knew we wouldn't want to deal with snow or sleet, so I would get it a day early, and get help carrying it up stairs from the Man (Kinda similar to getting it together?! I think so)

So I headed to our local Home Depot, after stopping at the gym and nearly killing myself with massive amounts of cardio....but that story is for another time! Our Home Depot is cheap and always has a great selection of trees. I wan't disapointed this year either!!! I picked us a beautiful 7-8 foot Fraiser Fur. After manuevering to the area where it is trimmed up and paid for, it was time to tackle the car. I pride myself in being a tough girl, really physical and athletic....of course I know when to bat my eyes and look innocent when necessary! ;) But really, challenge me to physical sports and you are on! A race, you got it...I challenge any challenge and don't really handle second very well. I think you catch my drift.

So, I paid, and then moved the car into the loading area. I grabbed a bunch of twine to tie up the tree, and then picked it all up and headed to the car. I manuevered the tree into a got spot, and then reached down, grabbed it an placed it on top of the car. No prob, we have an Atlima, so it isn't super tall or anything crazy. Then proceeded to secure and tie the tree to the car.

As I am tying, and tossing the twine back and forth, running around and pulling. A nice older gentle man walks by and says the following: "Damn girl! I just sat behind you in my car, and watched you bring that tree to your car. I was expecting your boyfriend to come out any moment. Then you bent over and just put that thing right up there. You just, like, did it. You didn't struggle or nothing. Damn Girl." I smiled and giggled, since there were  5 other cars where the Husbands or Boyfriends were all being supervised by their ladies, right next to me. I thanked and said something like 'You gotta be able to fend for yourself, can't count of other people.' Followed by more giggles.

And he strolled off.

I finished and got in the car, and drove to pick up the Man from work. I called my Mom to relay the story and then realized as I was telling her....This nice, caring, gentleman, SAT IN HIS CAR AND WATCHED me, a petite girl hoist a 8 foot tree ontop of a car, and didn't come to offer help! I didn't need it, but I mean come on really?!?!?!

When I told the Man, he laughed, and jokingly grumbled something like well you should do things on your own...but secretly I think he was proud that I (His girl) did it!

How was your experience getting your tree? Any fights over the perfect tree? Disputes between man and wife over which to get? Funny Holiday stories in general??


  1. Hi - your mom sent me over to read your blog and I really enjoyed this story in particular. What - you wanted HELP? In Chicago? We drive from Detroit up to Green Bay and the difference in drivers' attitudes once you cross the Wisconsin broder is blatantly obvious. Chicago - if someone does something wrong/rude while driving, it's also essential to flip you off simultaneously. Last time coming home shortly after hitting WI (after a couple hours of that fun!), there was a merge where all lanes went into one. People wave, let others in, assume if someone is zipping around everyone else it must be an emergency. Pretty obvious we were back in WI! On the other hand you probably didn't get 16 inches of snow the other day! Looking forward to meeting your mom and brother soon!


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