Monday, December 21, 2009

finally some DIYing.... well kind of

Ever since I got my new Nikon, I have been avidly taking pictures, attempting to learn all the camera manual settings, and well just enjoying having a working camera!  SInce before the new camera, there has been a design/decorating idea I have really wanted to add to our house. That one thing I really wanted to do was create a picture wall....and I finally have enough pictures and frames to do it!

I plan to add more pictures, rotate in new photos, and change it as my photos and I grow. I have been inspired by many different variations I have seen in magazines, the internet and on various design shows.

So I printed out a few of my favorites, and picked up varying sized frames. This weekend the Man and I put them up! And I love it!!!! I am excited to see it grow with us in the future!

To start I placed all the photos in the frames I wanted (added a few matted prints I purchased as well). Then as those designs shows (mentioned before) taught me, it is best to lay it out on the ground to find the best arrangement (and boy did it help!) I measured the area of the wall where we planned on hanging them - making a 'wall' on the ground to play with the layout. After a few different tries I finally got it right! I had to beg for some input from the Man, since I was struggling in getting it 'right'. (My mathmatical-logical brain had a very hard time not making everything symmetrical and perfect have no idea!) So he obliged and it truly made a difference. Must learn to let go more!

Here is the final layout, on the floor.

Here is the translation to paper... I measured the distance from the edge of the wall to the center of the photos for the nails. Then the distance from the imaginary bottom line to the nail hole spot. So I could get the wall to look as close to the floor layout as possible [Maybe not a necessary step but, really easy and helped since after laying it out I wanted to clear the floor - the floor to the wall was over the span of a day (work schedules and all that jazz!) ] The floor to the wall varied a bit, more spaces, etc....but I am happy with how it turned out!

Here is the finished result!

What do you guys think? I am thinking maybe a clock thrown in...maybe a vintage silver frame (possibly  one of those intricate wood carved ones spray painted with a really modern/graphic print)...who knows!


  1. Loved that "first" gallery wall !

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  5. Congratulations on your creativity
    I think I need something like that

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