Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2000 miles and I am back!

whew!!! What a whirl wind driving vacation the Man and I just went on, and it was sooo much fun!!! roughly 900 long miles each way from Chicago to beautiful and warm Savannah GA (on the way home I seriously thought my hips may jump ship and run away...or maybe that is hobble away!)

What a wonderful Thanksgiving we had!!! Truely a blast!

Here are some points of interest I noticed along the way...to me they have certain comical value...maybe it was the crazy amounts of Red-Bull consumed, or copious amounts cold-meds I kept stomaching...or the monotony of the road that just got to me.

I noticed....
- The fields and farms of Tenessee are MUCH prettier than Indiana, however kinda tied with Kentucky.
- The road kill in Kentucy is by volume much greater, however te size of the road kill in Tennesse tends to be fewer and much larger.
- Drivers in Indiana SUCK, and do not know what a passing lane or speed limit are
-I do not like when crazy people wave their 'scraggly' fingers at me when trying to cut me off.... %$&^!*!@ wait in the lane like the rest of us, I will not let you merge in front of me.
- You can buy copious amounts of 'Adult' things in the middle of no where from what they claim to be bookstores....but how many books are there in these adult book stores?
- McDonalds is everywhere....everywhere!
- Not all gas station bathrooms are created equal, some are down right pleasant!

Those are just a few of my thoughts....about the open road (well at least from this road trip!).

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