Monday, December 28, 2009

wonderful weekend!!!!

This Holiday weekend was simply enchanting! I got to spend some major quality time with the FAM, with the Man, eat tons of great food...oh and in case you didn't see I GOT ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am elated! Flipping out with joy! Over the moon in love with this Man!!!!! It was the most magically amazing moment ever!

I can not promise that this blog will not turn into a blog-umentary of all things 'Our Wedding' ...because I am sure it will!

I can't stop thinking about the 'BIG DAY!' I can't wait! But before that day comes, I may get carpo-tunnel in my wrist from flipping it around so much to stare at the beautiful ring!!!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

snow day!

First real big snow fall this year! We've had dustings but this one is adding up!

Happy Tuesday, almost Xmas!

Monday, December 21, 2009

finally some DIYing.... well kind of

Ever since I got my new Nikon, I have been avidly taking pictures, attempting to learn all the camera manual settings, and well just enjoying having a working camera!  SInce before the new camera, there has been a design/decorating idea I have really wanted to add to our house. That one thing I really wanted to do was create a picture wall....and I finally have enough pictures and frames to do it!

I plan to add more pictures, rotate in new photos, and change it as my photos and I grow. I have been inspired by many different variations I have seen in magazines, the internet and on various design shows.

So I printed out a few of my favorites, and picked up varying sized frames. This weekend the Man and I put them up! And I love it!!!! I am excited to see it grow with us in the future!

To start I placed all the photos in the frames I wanted (added a few matted prints I purchased as well). Then as those designs shows (mentioned before) taught me, it is best to lay it out on the ground to find the best arrangement (and boy did it help!) I measured the area of the wall where we planned on hanging them - making a 'wall' on the ground to play with the layout. After a few different tries I finally got it right! I had to beg for some input from the Man, since I was struggling in getting it 'right'. (My mathmatical-logical brain had a very hard time not making everything symmetrical and perfect have no idea!) So he obliged and it truly made a difference. Must learn to let go more!

Here is the final layout, on the floor.

Here is the translation to paper... I measured the distance from the edge of the wall to the center of the photos for the nails. Then the distance from the imaginary bottom line to the nail hole spot. So I could get the wall to look as close to the floor layout as possible [Maybe not a necessary step but, really easy and helped since after laying it out I wanted to clear the floor - the floor to the wall was over the span of a day (work schedules and all that jazz!) ] The floor to the wall varied a bit, more spaces, etc....but I am happy with how it turned out!

Here is the finished result!

What do you guys think? I am thinking maybe a clock thrown in...maybe a vintage silver frame (possibly  one of those intricate wood carved ones spray painted with a really modern/graphic print)...who knows!

winter tunes

There are plenty of 'standard holiday' tunes out there, but I tend to latch onto the uncommon ones, or the off beat variations of the calssics.

You should definitely add this to your Holiday mix.....which I think I am going to go home and re-do!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the tale of two heaters

The tale of two heaters goes a little something like this.... One heater WORKS and blows warm air onto cold household inhabitants. And one heater DOESN'T work or heat the house of those poor inhabitants. Mine has been the latter the past 5 DAYS!!!! We have been without heat since last Thursday!!!! Thursday folks! Thankfully Saturday and Sunday the temps rose a bit here in the CHI, so it wasn't unbearable...but still (stomp, stomp, whine, whine) I enjoy turning on the heater to break the evening chill, and make it easier to slide into the cold bed.

Thankfully the heating repair company got the broken part in this morning and now our heater is official one that WORKS! YIPPEE!

I was afraid I may turn into this if it lasted much longer! Especially since the temps are plummeting for the remainder of the week.

How have you guys been dealing with the chilly winter so far?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

weekend recap

Without a heater this comments please, I KNOW! I happily snuggled this guy! And enjoyed the smells of our beautifully decorated tree. Picked up a few gifts, and enjoyed al the time I had with the Man!

Friday, December 11, 2009

holiday treats

Dear Santy Claus,

I would like to casually suggest some great things you could fill my stocking with or put under the tree for me! I have been a very good girl this year, girl scouts promise! A list you nice of me I know! (Or to Mom or the Man, here are some fun options I currently eyeing!)

I will start with some great, inexpensive finds from F21, for the stocking?! (All these together are a whooping $25.20 w/o tax)

And a few more suggestions for you.... :)

These are from F21 too! I know right...don't they remind you of the Loubies,
and these are ahhhem like $30 BUCKS! A savings of almost 900$$$$.

Some reading material from

Or these....since my galoshes sprung a GAPING HOLE! (psst, any color combo would do! I like the funk!)

I hope this list heps! :) But really all I want is to spend time with my family and friends, have warm food on the table to share and joy in my heart!


Have any of you guys casually 'suggested' items to your friends and families??? What are your asking for?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

some new lusts

I love high fashion, but I love me a good bargain! I love mixing more expensive pieces with 'thriftier' finds.

I am currently lusting after these pieces from F21. And none cost more that $35 bucks!!! SCORE! No byers remorse!

The first 5 items are from the new Love21 line - it says it is a more sophisticated look and modest fit line...but I don't really see them as modest, just fashionable and not trashy! And the last, is a cozy winter-chic sweater...I was thinking with leggings, a cinched belt, a cami and my cute fringe boots!

Don't you guys love this store too???

gave me a little chuckle...

The holidays can be stressful, fun, iritating and joyus all at the same aray of emotions, and sometimes even comical!

So Monday night we got our tree, or shall I say I got our tree.

Story commence: The Man and I planed to go on Tuesday after the gym...however when you live in the freezing north, ie the CHI- like us, one must take into account the weather. We haven't had much or any real snow this season so far, luckily (I think). So with a big storm expected, I knew we wouldn't want to deal with snow or sleet, so I would get it a day early, and get help carrying it up stairs from the Man (Kinda similar to getting it together?! I think so)

So I headed to our local Home Depot, after stopping at the gym and nearly killing myself with massive amounts of cardio....but that story is for another time! Our Home Depot is cheap and always has a great selection of trees. I wan't disapointed this year either!!! I picked us a beautiful 7-8 foot Fraiser Fur. After manuevering to the area where it is trimmed up and paid for, it was time to tackle the car. I pride myself in being a tough girl, really physical and athletic....of course I know when to bat my eyes and look innocent when necessary! ;) But really, challenge me to physical sports and you are on! A race, you got it...I challenge any challenge and don't really handle second very well. I think you catch my drift.

So, I paid, and then moved the car into the loading area. I grabbed a bunch of twine to tie up the tree, and then picked it all up and headed to the car. I manuevered the tree into a got spot, and then reached down, grabbed it an placed it on top of the car. No prob, we have an Atlima, so it isn't super tall or anything crazy. Then proceeded to secure and tie the tree to the car.

As I am tying, and tossing the twine back and forth, running around and pulling. A nice older gentle man walks by and says the following: "Damn girl! I just sat behind you in my car, and watched you bring that tree to your car. I was expecting your boyfriend to come out any moment. Then you bent over and just put that thing right up there. You just, like, did it. You didn't struggle or nothing. Damn Girl." I smiled and giggled, since there were  5 other cars where the Husbands or Boyfriends were all being supervised by their ladies, right next to me. I thanked and said something like 'You gotta be able to fend for yourself, can't count of other people.' Followed by more giggles.

And he strolled off.

I finished and got in the car, and drove to pick up the Man from work. I called my Mom to relay the story and then realized as I was telling her....This nice, caring, gentleman, SAT IN HIS CAR AND WATCHED me, a petite girl hoist a 8 foot tree ontop of a car, and didn't come to offer help! I didn't need it, but I mean come on really?!?!?!

When I told the Man, he laughed, and jokingly grumbled something like well you should do things on your own...but secretly I think he was proud that I (His girl) did it!

How was your experience getting your tree? Any fights over the perfect tree? Disputes between man and wife over which to get? Funny Holiday stories in general??

Sunday, December 6, 2009

weekend recap

I hope everyone had a pleasant weekend!

I enjoyed mine thoroughly. It was our first 'real' cold one of the season, and temperature-wise not all that much fun, I promise!

Beyond dealing with a flooding washing machine (Uggh!), I did my best to steer clear from spending the entire time snuggled under blankets. I dragged out all the official winter gear, went to the gym, made some returns and picked up some goodies from Target. Then began all the HOLIDAY fun! I hung sparkly lights on our balcony and started decking the halls!

I feel like we are behind on getting the tree...but we were gone last weekend, so I am not sure when we were supposed to get it?! I guess I am just ready. I really enjoy this time of tends to be at its most manageable level, maybe people turn down the stress! People's spirits are high, the smiles are abundant and the cold weather makes you want to stay in and catch up with those close to you!

Cheers to a great Holiday season!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

pretty in pink

Oh my wandering fingers have led me to some very pretty places today....oh you naughty internet for distracting me!

But I am soo excited I found this amazing new (to me) blog!!! And this SUPER cute new scarf!!! Becasue I think I forgot to mention... IT IS SNOWING OUTSIDE in Chicago!!!!!!! Very minimal amounts of flurries...but a flake is a flake any day in my book!

I can not wait for this cutie to arrive....It will look so cute with either of my winter coats, chocolate brown or heather grey!

grown up foods.... Mac N Cheese edition

After returning home from decent.. ie WARM weather this past weekend, I suddenly felt the urge to go home and hibernate after my first day back at work. Chicago is chilly and cloudy, and it gets dark waaaay too early! This weather, it makes me want to snuggle and relax on the couch. However after work I resisted and didn't sucomb to the comfy, NO I didn't....I had to go the grocery store, even the pantry was pretty empty, and the gym (girls got work hard to stay trim!) and then I made a grown up version of Mac 'n Cheese avec Chicken Tenders! COMFORT FOOD for the soul!!!!

I call it a grow-up version since I have graduated from the boxed Kraft Mac 'n Cheese (although there is always a healthy stash in my cubboards! it just wasn't going to cut it last night) and frozen breaded chicken this is a homemade pasta and cheese sauce with marinated grilled chicken. And boy let me tell you it was really good!!!

I saw this post for mac 'n cheese, so I had to try this reciepe, I modified it a bit (no tomoates, and changed up the noodle selection). Very simple to make....the longest part was waiting for the water to boil for hte noodles! And I promise staring at it won't make it bubble faster, I should know I tried plenty of times last night!

THese are the cast of characters who performed tonight!

All the cheese is grated, fresh bread crumbs crumbled, boneless skinless chicken breasts marinating
(I used a garlic herb marinade plus lemon peper, cajun seasoning, Lawry's and S&P)

Turkey Weekend Recap - PHOTOS

Some are of Friends (or me!), some are more artsy...but all are of our trip to Savannah GA for Thanksgiving Weekend 2009! I hope everyone had as enjoyable time as we did!