Tuesday, November 17, 2009

thankful for.....

Here are a few serious, some are light hearted, and some a very important things to me, all of which I am thankful for this year!

What you do get joy out of? What are you thankful for?

In 2009, I am thankful for.....
- An amazing Man in my life. He truly makes me happier than anyone or anything. He pushes me to be better for myself, he lets me be me (the nuerotic cleaning-organinzing fanatic, or goofy/silly girl trying to make him laugh). I never feel afraid to tell him exactly what my mind is thinking, for I am truly at ease when we are together.

- For Grayson, our little pooch, aka 'Doggieman'. His eternal love and devotion. This little guy always warms my heart!

- For good music - the kind you blast when you are angry, or the kind you play when you need to relax, or the kind you play when you are getting ready to go out, or the kind you listen to while cleaning or with you girl friends..... music is such an expression of your mood, and over the past year I have really let myself experience the emotion of it, not just a background noise.

-For the gym - a great stress releaver, and if you are good to it it will be good to you....finally getting proud of my hard work, enjoying the skin I'm in! (name that product?! LOL)

- For a good Taco (well... ALL Mexican food in general) - It makes me happy from a really deep a part in my soul!

- For the ability to shop - In the economic downturn, I still have a job and the ability to purchase 'items' as I please..... I am thankful to not be struggling

- For the ability to express my creativity - I am really following and doing what I enjoy....insterad of letting it sit idle. I am out taking pictures, sewing, making things, drawing, and painting again... doing the things I love

-For true friends - you really figure out who you are, and what good friends mean to you as you get older. I am creating the friendships that will stand the test of time with those who truely mean the world to me. Near or far the ones who matter will always be important to me!

- For Sunday morning brunch - it is just one of those things that feels so right!

- For good bottled water - maybe I am a water snob (is there such thing?!) I am partial to Evain, Figi, and Smart water....I could do without Dasini and Aquafinia - yuck!

-For my family - they are always there! For my mom who is becoming a best friend and not just a mom. My brother who tests me, inspires me, he is some one I want to be like when I grow up. My dad, because our relationship is 'different' but he never stops trying to show me how important I am to him.

- For this blog! It has given me the ability to be me, no judgement, no fears....and it turns out a few people read it! (I swear I thought it was only my mom....But you guys make comments and I SMILE, BIG SMILES!)

-For a good book - The kind you can read mindlessly to escape into another fictional world. And also the kind you read that inspire you to do more, become more, and teach you about our world.

- For trashy TV - I am a slave to the trash after a long day at work

And those folks, are a few ...jsut a few of the things I am thankful for this year!

What about you?

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