Wednesday, November 18, 2009

table envy....

As I 'grow-up' the more I want to sit aorund the table and nosh & chat....with the Man, with my girlfriends, with our friends. However our current Bistro style table does not allow for that. Technically there is only 'real' seating for two. (I will post pictures later to explain) I say 'real' because you can eat dinner on the couch with plenty of room, but do not try to eat steak or balance corn on the cob on your knees - it is challenging, I am only getting the hang of it after many years of practice.

I want a table for four.....cuz I want to set it like this!

And this....

And this....

And like this.....

And especially like this for this coming Christmas - when the family is here!

This is my next mission!

All pictures form Young House Love Blog (which I LOVE!!!!)


  1. you're giving me table just to throw a party to decorate!!

    and!! i seriously devoured the catalog like OMG I WANT THIS omg i need that OMG OK THIS ! hahah thanks for stopping my blog my dear!! i think we both share an obsession for the crew


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