Monday, November 23, 2009

splurge or save - Belt Addition

I am totlally into the skinny belt fad right now. Like SO into it! But you never know how long they will be 'cool' so I am not sure how I feel about buying a version that may break the bank.....Look at how similar these two are....

This is my lust at J.Crew (of course!) They have quite a few cute ones right now, but for some reason the gold is top on my list. (Retails for about $30)

And this is BEAUTY is from F21....and such a DEAL!!! (retails for $4.80 for BOTH!!!)

I SAVED!!!!!!!! Now I have a silver and gold (oh wait and the mustard/teal combo, and the black/royal combo....whoops!) But seriously folks, 6 belts for less than the price of ONE, I think that is grrreat!

What do you think???

Pics from the stores websites.


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