Monday, November 9, 2009

soo Mad (Men)

Season 3 of Mad Men ended last night....and I think I could shead a tear! I looooove that show!

The clothes, the sense of decourum. I want to know what is going to happen next....Will Betsy try running back after she realizes what she has done? Will Don tell everyone who he really is? Will Don rat on the congressman? Will Peggy and Don get it on (I feel like there is an underlying sexual tension with them)? Will Peggy start to stand up on her own? Will 'Big Red' Joan come back? What is going to happen with Connie? ugghhh How long are they going to make us wait for more?!?!?! (I think I read August!!!!!!!!!!!)

Until then, I want to buy these, so the Man and I can get a little 60's Mad Men on our own!!!!

Both from Banana Republic....and ooo so cute!!!


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